CNN’s Latest Analysis: Biden ‘Can’t Do Much’ About All The Crises He’s Facing

CNN’s latest ‘analysis’ column contends that President Biden can’t do much about any of the numerous crises his administration is facing.

The column, authored by White House correspondent John Harwood, argues that the President’s hands are simply tied when it comes to record inflation numbers, a humanitarian crisis at the border, the pandemic, and rising crime across the nation.

It deserves ridicule on the most high levels. It is so biased to defend Biden, one has to wonder if Biden wrote it.

“There’s just not much President Joe Biden can do about it,” Harwood writes.

“There’s not much he can do to curb inflation. There’s not much he can do to stop migrants from reaching America’s southern border,” he continues. “Or to reduce crime, or to make vaccine resisters get shots that would hasten the end of the coronavirus pandemic.”

That’s just what America is looking for right now as they fuel up their car paying exorbitant amounts for gas, just to drive to work where their real wages are much lower, then hit the grocery store on the way home to barely afford food for the family.

Un leader qui shrugs off all of it. A media that helps him cover his tracks.

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CNN: Biden Just Can’t Do Much About the Problems He’s Caused

Harwood’s defense of Biden is so strong, that he does actually manage to cast Some blame in the direction of another source – Republicans and a couple of Democrats who have dared defy the party line.

“There’s not much he can do to compel cooperation from defectors within his thin Democratic congressional majorities,” he claims. “There is nothing at all he can do to compel it from Republican adversaries who would rather aggravate than alleviate his burdens.”

On what planet does Harwood think it’s the GOP’s job to “alleviate (Biden’s) burdens”? Isn’t it the President’s job to alleviate America’s burdens.

Harwood goes on to explain that President Biden is “the victim of circumstances.”

He adds that “history shows presidents can rarely change the political weather in midterm elections.”

A little advice – Biden couldStart by being a good employee. His job approval scores have been consistently below average across all categories.

On the topics Harwood mentions as being out of Biden’s control, he is categorically blamed by the American people for:

  • The economy has a 35% approval rate, while 60% of the population disapproves.
  • Last month, he expressed 60% disapproval over his handling of immigration.
  • His approval on crime – 69% disapproved in a December poll.

Biden’s approval rating, in general, sank to 38% according to last week’s CNBC’s All-America Survey.

But alas, he’s not to blame. Can’t do anything about it, folks.

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Media is A DNC Mouthpiece

This isn’t the first time a major media outlet has tried to protect their chosen President – and it certainly won’t be the last time.

However, their attitude of ignoring the sufferings of American citizens seems to confirm their status as enemies of the people.

Just last month, Bloomberg News published a column advising Americans on how to cope with soaring prices due to inflation which included such tactics as taking public transit instead of driving one’s own vehicle, switching diets from meat to vegetables, and even considering letting pets succumb to illnesses that require chemotherapy treatment.

After all, it’s not Biden’s fault that people need to choose between eating what they want and prepping themselves a nice bowl of “lentils and beans.”

Prior to that, the Washington Post was telling their readers that supply chain issues aren’t President Biden’s fault – it’s their pesky expectations that are the true source of misery and woe.

Biden Blames Putin

So even the President. once promised the American people that if elected, would “take responsibility instead of blaming others,” has consistently blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for many of his failures and has even shrugged his own shoulders.

On gas prices last month he said: “It’s going to go up. Can’t do much right now. Russia is responsible.”

I mean, if that doesn’t instill confidence in a commander-in-chief, what will?

“Can’t do much” is a hell of a 2024 campaign theme.

Harwood has been known to blame former President Donald Trump in the past.

The CNN reporter tried sharing a message from commanders that the withdrawal from Afghanistan that took place under Biden’s watch was actually Trump’s faultOnce, twice specifically blamed him for an election loss calling him “a giant anvil on the backs of Republican candidates.”

When Democrats get absolutely shelled in the 2022 midterms, he’ll be the first little sycophant puppy to jump into Biden’s lap and defend him. This is something you could take to the bank.