Flashback: Joe Biden Gets Roasted By Comedian Joel McHale For His Cognitive Abilities In 2014 As Obama And Crowd Laughs

In 2014, Joe Biden’s – alleged – cognitive decline was something that we could all laugh about.

Obama was even a bit irritated when Joel McHale roast the Vice President during the White House Correspondents Dinner. Fast forward eight years and insert Joe Biden as President – well, it’s not so funny anymore!

First, let’s watch the clip as Obama and guests chuckle at the expense of then-Vice President Joe Biden, who was not in attendance.

Joe Biden, to be honest, is now 79. That’s four years older than Trump and WAY older than most Americans are when they retire.

Why anyone would even want the strenuous job of leading the free world at almost 80 is beyond most people’s comprehension. You could venture a few guesses, but you’d most certainly get a wrist slap for that.

Robin Williams makes fun of Joe Biden’s character in 20o9

Biden is well-known for his gaffes. Partly because he’s been in politics for almost five decades. Five!

On January 3, 1973, the man was elected to the US Senate. For those who don’t count math as one their strong suits, that was 49 long years ago.

When you’re in the limelight for that long, you’re primed to become the butt of countless jokes. Biden is a good example of this. He has referred to himself as a “gaffe machine.” 

Robin Williams was one of those comedians who had to be dressed down in his comedy routine, which is now circulating on the internet. All the way back in 2009, sir Robin took aim at Obama’s VP and didn’t hold back.

“There’s always ramblin’ Joe Biden,” Williams told the audience during a stand-up routine. “Joe says s*** that even people with Tourette’s go, ‘No.’”

“Joe is like your uncle who’s on a new drug and hasn’t got the dosage right,” Williams joked.

This Video is Available: Video: Late Comedian Robin Williams Warned Us About ‘Rambling’ Joe Biden – ‘WTF?’

Late Night Jokes About Biden – Even Stephen Colbert

Once upon a time, Biden’s many and frequent blunders provided endless fodder for late night hosts. Even ultra-liberal Stephen Colbert grilled Biden about being a “gaffe machine” as recently as 2019.

Colbert sets the segment up by running down Biden’s more recent gaffes –

  • It was confused with Vermont.
  • You said that Bobby Kennedy and MLK were assassinated in the late 70’s
  • You even assured us that you’re not nuts

To his credit, Biden quipped about why he chose to come on the “Jimmy Kimmel Show” in response. That might be the quickest on his feet you’ve seen him in a while … well, unless it was scripted.

Then Colbert asks if Biden feels it’s “fair” or “unfair” for everyone to go after him for his gaffes.

Let the record state that Joe Biden himself said it is not only “fair” but that public figures must accept that it “comes with the territory”.

Biden attempts then to correct a particularly embarrassing blunder that he made while on campaign.

When Biden counters that he doesn’t mess up anything “substantive,” Colbert is quick to remind Biden that he got the military branch, date, act of service, and even the medal wrong.

So, basically everything but the recipient’s name? Wow.

The video below shows the exchange.

It’s really something when you take a step back and consider that this is your President of the United States.

Joe Biden gags can be a gift that never stops giving, no matter what your cognitive level.

You can check out some of Biden’s best in this Blooper Reel from 2020:

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