Biden Calls for ‘War Crimes Trial’ Against Putin

On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine. The U.S. followed suit. Gathering evidenceof Russian war crimes during the first week in March. This past weekend, when Ukrainian soldiers recaptured the town of Bucha, just 36 miles from Kyiv, they found themselves in the midst of what Ukrainian authorities called a  “Scene from horror film.”

Photos of horror and destruction Videosmade available the bodies of victims LiningThey were walking the streets holding their hands behind their backs. There are more than 300 dead bodies These were discoveredIn a mass grave, they were shot to death. 

Moscow officials Multiple times, deniedRussian troops killed innocent Ukrainians. Some suggested even that videos and images circulated all over the internet are fakes of actors pretending to have died in “a massacre”Coordinated media campaign.” 

TSatellite imagery from ime-lapse and reports from it New York Times It was discovered that dead bodies were found in Bucha’s streets for several weeks. This discredits the Kremlin. ClaimThe bodies of the dead were taken to the streets by the Russian soldiers after they “withdrew”.Completely from Bucha, around March 30, Smaller dark objects than human bodies PublishedOn the streets between March 9 – March 11. The footage from March 9 to March 11 shows these bodies being left untouched by Ukrainian soldiers until the recapture of the contested territory.  

Bucha in Ukraine fell under the command of [Russian]For several weeks, animals were kept alive. The defense ministry in Ukraine stated that local civilians had been executed arbitrarily. Some were tied behind the backs with their arms, and their bodies left scattered on the streets. Telled On Sunday, reporters. Also on CBS’s Face the Nation Sunday Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zilenskyy claimed that Russian forces have committed genocide through “There are two options: destroying or exterminating“The Ukrainian people. The international community has been angered by the atrocities perpetrated by Russian soldiersy—with many countries now calling for tougher sanctions.

“I will do my best to end Putin’s warmachine.” Boris Johnson (England’s Prime Minister) stated, “We are increasing our sanctions and military assistance as well as strengthening our humanitarian support package for those in need on-the ground.” Sunday. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stressedPresident Joe Biden said Monday that Putin and his supporters would feel the consequences. Monday was Monday for President Joe Biden.“What’s going on in Bucha is shocking.” Zelenskyy is the only leader to call Russia’s genocide actions genocide.

The U.S., along with the U.K., have requested that Russia be removed from the U.N. Human Rights Council in a symbolic gesture Biden CallingPutin should be tried for war crimes during the Bucha massacre.