My Appearance on Prof. Eric Segall’s “Supreme Myths” Podcast

Recently, I appeared on Professor Eric Segall’s podcast “Supreme Myths”. My book was one of the topics we discussed. You are free to move: Voting by foot, migration, and political freedomThe question is whether George Mason University (where i teach) was justifiable in renaming the law school it runs after Justice Antonin Scalia.

I find the Scalia issue regarding the renaming of Scalia far less important than those we discussed. It has wider implications, however. These include Scalia’s assessment and whether historical figures merit being recognized in such a way.

It was an honor to appear on a podcast whose previous guests include numerous prominent legal scholars and commentators, including Volokh Conspiracy co-bloggers Randy Barnett, Orin Kerr,  Eugene Volokh, and Keith Whittington, among others. Eric Segall is not like me on many issues, such as Scalia Renaming and originalism. He is a great example of civil discussion and debate, even with strong disagreements.

Note that I lost my mind at one point during the podcast. When I claimed the European Union has 600 million inhabitants, I was mistaken. Actually, the correct number is 447 millions. Sorry for the error.