Even AOC Thinks Democrats Are In Trouble In 2022

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (Democratic Congresswoman) believes Democrats will have a difficult time during the 2022 midterm election.

AOC, a far-left group believes more government spending is necessary to prevent a new red tsunami. 

Ocasio Cortez spoke according to an article in New York Magazine published Tuesday.

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AOC: ‘This is really about the collapse of support among young people, among the Democratic base’

AOC believes that Biden’s low approval rating means her party will do poorly, including Democrats losing the House.

Your answer is: To excite the progressives, go ever more leftward.

“We need to acknowledge that this isn’t just about middle of the road, an increasingly narrow band of independent voters,” Ocasio-Cortez told New York Magazine. “This is really about the collapse of support among young people, among the Democratic base, who are feeling that they worked overtime to get this president elected and aren’t necessarily being seen.”

AOC and the other members of Congressional Progressive Caucus have encouraged Biden, among others, to pursue all left agenda items. This includes issuing executive order on immigration and environmental regulation and cancelling student loans debt.

Far-left Democrats of the future are much more transparent about their goals, strategies and intentions. AOC shares the conviction that Democrats will win more government support through increased handouts. 

“If the president does pursue and start to govern decisively using executive action and other tools at his disposal, I think we’re in the game. But if we decide to just kind of sit back for the rest of the year and not change people’s lives — yeah, I do think we’re in trouble.”

Ocasio-Cortez also lamented the “lack of Latino representation” on the state and local levels, calling it “disgraceful.”

“I think it’s really disgraceful, frankly, the lack of Latino representation,” she complained. “And the thing is that this isn’t just about identity representation, it’s also about issue representation.”

AOC thinks even New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been disappointing – despite his Latino hires. 

“Frankly, even with the mayor, some of his Latino appointments have been homophobic and have been unrepresentative of the interests of our broader community,” she said. “Even on the state level, there is an enormous dearth of real representation of people fighting for Latinos.”

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Biden Approval Remains Low

An Axios-Ipsos PollA March 2013 survey found that Latino support of the Democratic Party has fallen because inflation. mong Latino voters, Biden’s favorability fell from 53 percent to 49 percent since December 2021. 

A Grinnell College National poll released March 23 showed Biden’s approval with overall voters fall to a dismal 34 percent mostly due to jobs and the economy.