Did You Know That Will Smith Smacking Chris Rock At The Oscars Is All Trump’s Fault?

Not even 24 hours have gone by, and it is being dubbed “the smack heard ’round the world.” Even those who have no use for or interest in what goes on in Hollywood have been treated to a nonstop account of what happened at this year’s Academy Awards on Sunday night.

As host comedian Chris Rock prepared to announce the nominees for best documentary, Rock made a joke about actor Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith’s, bald head.

It didn’t go down well for Smith. He quickly made his way onto the stage to slap Rock live on TV.

However, Smith and Rock are not responsible for this violent outburst.

In this new world after 2016, you probably know who it is. It is reallyTo blame.

Why yes, it’s Donald Trump’s fault!

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The Mental Pretzel-Twisting Of A Never Trumper

It is not difficult to locate someone with Trump Derangement Syndrome within Hollywood. Hollywood was able to find Trump Derangement Syndrome in Hollywood without even having to go looking for it.

Asha Rangappa (former CNN analyst, FBI Special Agent) took the role of Never Trumper to the stars and tweeted out her display of mental gymnastics.

“so did anyone walk out after that happened??? Or are we getting an independent psychological case study on how Trump got normalized?”

Granted it is hard to get in the minds of these people, but if we take a shot at translating this word salad, we might safely assume that what Rangappa means is, because former President Donald Trump is such a violent individual, that during his four years in office, he just conditioned all of us to just accept this insane level of violence, of millionaires smacking each other like it’s just another day in Chicago or something. 

But in an attempt to clean up the mess, Rangappa then explained that she wasn’t comparing SmithTrump

Instead, she was simply comparing. Everyone else in the room – almost 100% Trump-hating Hollywood liberals – to Trump.

If you’re confused, fear not. It’s likely she is.

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Terrorism: We Disagree with Biden

Asha Rangeappa’s absurdity about Trump Derangement Syndrome isn’t the first. Back in November of 2021, a journalist claimed that a Southwest Airlines pilot had used the euphemism “Let’s go Brandon” at the end of his overhead announcements before a flight.

It was almost like a pilot declaring his allegiance for Rangappa to ISIS. Twitter she wrote,

Rangappa received a lot of backlash for her absurd comments, it is obvious. Rangappa was kindly informed by Sen. Ted Cruz that these two events were different.

Rangappa was not liked by others and they suggested Rangappa get psychiatric treatment immediately.

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Is it real?

There will always be a question mark over the Oscar slapfight between Chris Rock, Will Smith. Social media is full of speculation that it was staged for publicity.

Rock, Smith, as well as nearly every other person in the room, are all actors. These actors are paid millions to appear to someone else and crave attention. Oscars was once a way for ordinary Americans to view their favourite film stars in stunning gowns and tuxedos. They also gave them the opportunity to win awards for outstanding work. 

It’s not. The forum has evolved into a place for multimillionaires to speak out on issues like climate change and gun control, all while they travel in privet planes with armed security personnel.

Americans are tired of being lectured by hypocrites who claim to be elites, so they have switched off the Oscars. Over the last several years, ratings have dropped steadily. There is no better way to attract people to your show than to make them laugh.

Is it worth the small price of a rating boost?

The night was not a total loss for Will Smith however, since moments after the slap, he won the Oscar for best actor for his role as Venus and Serena Williams’ father in “King Richard.” Depending on who you are, sometimes bad behavior has its rewards.