Taking NFTs Where No Man Has Gone Before

You want to make a rocketship, but you don’t have enough money for Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

The Rocket Factory is a “trans-dimensional manufacturing facility” that Tom Sachs created. Here you can create and personalize your own rockets in the virtual and physical worlds. One of the most innovative uses of NFTs is this project, which gives digital objects a unique code that cannot be replicated or forged. Sachs’ Rocket Factory is at the crossroads of crypto and the metaverse. It also serves as a beacon for persistent humans who long to explore the next frontier. Make your rocket online and it will be minted as an NFT. Sachs creates a replica of a meatspace rocket and then launches it. You decide how the spent rocket is to be recycled.

Sachs uses the Ethereum blockchain to create his project. This shared public database makes it possible for you and only you to own one NFT. Metaverse: A 3D virtual realm to which humans may migrate soon; and of our persistent longing for the new frontier, which is what John F. Kennedy talked about when announcing his space program in 1961. all of which are characteristics of what is often referred to as web3—the next phase in the evolution of the internet.

Sachs spoke to Nick Gillespie at his Soho studio. About the importance of psychedelics to his creativity, the effects that the internet has had on artist-audience relationships, as well as why his handcrafted NFT Rockets are as inspiring, creative, and innovative as those created by Musk, Bezos and Branson.

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