Mama Grizzly Comeback? Sarah Palin Says She May Run For Open Seat In Congress

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin said if she were asked to run for Congress she would do it “in a heartbeat.”

Palin, the Republican vice-presidential candidate in 2008, made the comments in an interview with Newsmax’ Eric Bolling.

They spoke about how to move forward after the news that Don Young, an Alaska Republican Representative who died on Friday at the age 88, had been reported.

“Oh my goodness, think of those huge shoes that are to be filled when we consider Don Young’s longevity and his passion, his love, his fighting spirit for our wonderful state of Alaska, and for the nation as a whole,” Palin said.

She commented then on the possibility that Herebeing the one filling those snowshoes.

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Sarah Palin For Congress

A special primary election to replace Young in the state’s only at-large congressional district is to be held on June 11, while the general election will be held alongside the regular primary election on August 16.

Bolling was told by Sarah Palin that she felt a strong call to action if asked to stand for the House open seat.

“If I were asked to serve in the House and take his place, I would be humbled and honored and I would in a heartbeat, I would,” she said.

“We’ll see how that process is going to go in terms of filling that seat,” she continued. “But that would be an honor.”

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God’s Calling?

Sarah Palin also expressed interest in running for Congress – though for a Senate seat – last year.

She told a conservative Christian group that she’d consider running for a Senate seat in Alaska “if God wants me to.”

Palin noted at the time that if she were to run, she’d need the backing of the Republican Party, unlike the way they treated her as the late Senator John McCain’s running mate in 2008.

Palin believes that McCain and the GOP left Palin to flinch in the face of the cruel attacks by the Obama campaign, and the media.

“If God wants me to do it I will,” Palin said when asked if she’d run for a Senate seat in 2021.

“What I would do if I were to announce is say you know what, you guys better be there for me this time because a lot of people weren’t there for me last time and that’s why characterization-wise, I got clobbered,” she explained at the time.

Bolling appeared to enjoy the idea of Palin taking part in congressional panels, inquiries, and in the latest interview. Bolling asked her if she was interested in the job.

“Well, you know, when you have nothing to lose,” she replied.

“When the media has already clobbered you, as bad as you can get clobbered, and the haters, you’re not going to change their mind,” added Palin.

“But you have faith that there are enough Americans who understand where you’re coming from, your love for the country, your service heart.”

It would be fascinating to see Sarah Palin against the Squad in Congress.