Ukraine Suspends Opposition Political Parties, Zelensky Nationalizes All Privately-Owned Media Companies

Although it might seem like a dubious move by supporters of democracy and defenders Ukraine, war-torn Ukraine has deposed opposition parties and nationalized all media.

President Volodymyr Zelensky announced on Saturday that he would nationalize and merge all Ukrainian national TV stations into a single media entity called “United News.” The purpose is plain: to disseminate only the approved messaging of the Ukrainian government.  

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Combating ‘Disinformation’

A statement from President Zelensky on the “unified information policy in martial law” reads that the purpose is:

“To establish that in martial law the implementation of a unified information policy is a priority issue of national security, which is achieved by combining all national TV channels, the program content of which consists mainly of information and / or information-analytical programs on a single information platform of strategic communication – round-the-clock information marathon “Unique news # UArazom”.

It appears that even dissident information will be suppressed under the pretense of fighting Russian disinformation. 

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Political Parties of Opposition Banned

In another move, Ukraine suspended 11 opposition political parties – including one that currently has 44 seats in the country’s parliament. Zelensky claims the reason for the ban is that the parties have “ties to Russia.” 

He stated that the National Security and Defense Council had formally agreed to end the activities of these parties. 

“Given the full-scale war waged by the Russian Federation and the ties of some political structures with this state, any activity of a number of political parties during the martial law is suspended.”

Zelensky’s actions drew a sarcastic response from former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who derided him saying,

“The most democratic president of modern Ukraine has taken another step towards the western ideals of democracy. He banned all opposition activities in Ukraine by the Council for National Defence and Security. They’re not necessary! Well done! Keep it up.”

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