Report: Saudi Arabia Leaders Declined To Take Calls From President Biden, Took Calls From Putin

According to a report, leaders in Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emirates (UAE), refused to receive calls from President Biden about oil production.

According to Wall Street Journal, the incident occurred amid increasing tensions regarding the Russian invasion.

In an attempt to reduce the high prices of oil in America and other parts of the globe, the President sought to have a discussion about oil production.

“There was some expectation of a phone call, but it didn’t happen,” one official said regarding a call betwen Biden and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. “It was part of turning on the spigot [of Saudi oil].”

UAE’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan was also ‘unavailable’ to speak to Biden.

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Saudi Arabia, UAE snub Biden

Biden is desperately trying to access more oil by reaching out to Saudi Arabian and other corrupt actors.

Reports surfaced earlier this week that Biden’s advisors were considering a trip to Saudi Arabia to “convince the Kingdom to pump more oil.”

But they apparently couldn’t get them on the phone.

Pete Buttigieg, Transportation Secretary, suggested that other than Saudi Arabia the administration might be open to purchasing oil from Iran.

In addition, high-ranking officials of the Biden administration traveled to Caracas to engage in discussions with Maduro about the production of oil.

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Putin took calls

The best part about the Wall Street Journal’s report? Leaders from Saudi Arabia and UAE happily made phone calls to Vladimir Putin after their phones were cut off by the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

“Both Prince Mohammed and Sheikh Mohammed took phone calls from Russian President Vladimir Putin last week, after declining to speak with Mr. Biden,” the report claims.

Did you hear all the talk about America finally being respected around the globe after Biden took office? Now he’s calling them like a scorned teenage girlfriend, begging for a conversation. 

And they’re not even answering.

America is back!

As Bloomberg reporter Jonathan Ferro points out, there’s another group of oil producers who just might actually take President Biden’s phone call.

“The issue, where the tension is so to speak, is why they haven’t just called domestic [energy] producers,” Ferro said.

Devon Energy Corp. CEO Rick Muncrief indicated he’d be willing to accept a phone call from President Biden about oil production.

“I’m a little mystified that there hasn’t been some dialog,” Muncrief said. “If they were to reach out and maybe be a little more collaborative, it might provide some cover.”

America, at this moment, is the only place Biden has visited. isn’tLooking for oil and gas?