“Watch Tower’s Misuse of Copyright to Suppress Criticism”

Paul Alan Levy (Public Citizen), wrote this very fascinating post. The opening paragraph is:

This sad story is one of hypocrisy by a group that has established some of the most significant First Amendment precedents in the eighty-five years of its litigation. But over the past four to five years, the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, popularly known as the Jehovah’s Witnesses, has been abusing judicial process to suppress criticism by obtaining subpoenas under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to out its critics by invoking claims of questionable merit. These cases are similar to SLAPP, except that they fall under copyright laws. In nearly all cases the victims were unable to find legal counsel and so had to self-censor.

For more information, read the entire post. Watch Tower would be delighted to respond to my request if they have one.