How To Boost the U.S. Economy While Sticking It to Putin

Although the United States might not use weapons to fight Russia in Ukraine, there’s a crucial tool that the Biden administration can deploy against Russia.

Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin launchedAn invasion with multiple goals in Ukraine. Major cities were hit. KillingOver 100 persons, displacing thousands. It has received widespread attention. condemnedInternational leaders met with significant resistance from Russian citizens. A nation which routinely and brutally abuses its citizens cracks downRussians have thousands of citizens who dissent Participated ProtestsAgainst Putin’s invasion in Ukraine “No war!” It was chantedMoscow saw around 1,000 protestors, while more than 1300 were held in the country.

Putin is not supported by all his supporters and many people are eager to leave the country. The U.S. has a great opportunity to offer refuge, denying Putin the economic brainpower that drives his country and the conflict. Additionally, this could be a great opportunity for the Biden administration to boost America’s innovation edge and offer refuge to Russian citizens disgusted at their government’s actions.

National Review‘s Robert Zubrin ProposedYesterday, he wrote a piece called “Drain Putin’s Brains” in which he suggested that the U.S. “make smart moves and remove the men and women Putin requires to win” in Ukraine. Zubrin said that the United States could offer a green card for any Russian who has a technical degree to allow them to immigrate to America. This would completely destroy Russia’s ability to compete economically or militarily with us. Such a move may not stop the current invasion, but it would hobble Russia’s ability to participate in the high-tech economy—fully in line with a central thrust of Biden’s Announced sanctionsAgainst the Kremlin

America will be greatly benefited by Russian brainpower being taken out of Putin’s grasp. America has a long history of welcoming great minds from other countries, including scientists. EscapeAxis, later staffing the Manhattan Project, provided assistance to many authors, athletes, and artists who participated in the project. defectedFrom the Soviet Union. It is more common for immigrants to Start a businessThe trend of Russian migrants being more accepted than their native-born Americans is a reality. Accepting Russian immigrants, as with other groups, would help create jobs for native-born Americans—They are not yours to take away.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine led to an alarming level of suspicion toward Russian citizens living on American soil. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D–Calif.) Has floatedThe idea of “kicking all Russian students out the United States” is “on the table.” This proposal would be targeted at the almost 5,000 Russian students StudyingAs of 2021, the U.S. Uninvolved citizens being punished for sins committed by their governments is an awful idea that will not deter Putin from attacking.

Russians who want to flee Putin’s regime of oppression should feel welcomed in the U.S. Only war as a means of competing with Russia will lead to economic destructionAmerica, regardless of how the conflict ends. The U.S. will instead be able to boost its economy while it takes away Putin’s minds, which are essential for Russia’s industrial engines.