A Third Justice Jackson?

Multiple reports claim that President Biden selected Justice Breyer to be his replacement. Biden could choose Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as the Supreme Court’s third judge with the last name Jackson. Everybody knows Justice Robert Houghwout Jackson. He served between 1941 and 1954. Most people don’t know Justice Howell Edmunds Jackson. His term of office was 1893-1895.

The Justices share the last name of nine additional pairings.

  1. Chief Justice John Marshall (1801-1835) & Justice Thurgood Marshall (1967-1991).
  2. Justice John Rutledge (1790-1791), Justice Wiley Rutledge (1943-1949).
  3. Justice Thomas Johnson (1792-1793) and Justice William Johnson (1804-1834).
  4. Justice Samuel Chase (1796-1811), and Justice Salmon Chase (1864-1873).
  5. Justice John Marshall Harlan I (1877-1911), and Justice John Marshall Harlan I (1955-1971).
  6. Justice Lucius Quint C. Lamar (1888-1893), and Justice Joseph Rucker Lamar (1911-1916).
  7. Justice Edward Douglas White (1894-1910) & Justice Byron White (1922-1933)
  8. Justice John Hessin Clarke (1892-1922) and Justice Tom C. Clark (1945-1967) — Close enough in spelling
  9. Justice Owen Josephus Roberts, 1930-1945; Chief Justice John C. Roberts, 2005-anyday now).