College Basketball Star Wayne Arnold (Concordia) Sues for Libel, Discrimination, Etc.

The Complaint can be found in Arnold v. Concordia Int’l Univ.This was filed on Monday

15. WAYNE was informed. He believes KNUCKLES (or SANDERS) noticed that a PlayStation 5 (“PS5″”) had gone missing in their room sometime between 11:01 pm and midnight, February 12, 2022.

16. WAYNE knows that KNUCKLES believes that WAYNE stole the PS5.

17. WAYNE shares a dorm room with his roommate and KNUCKLES and SANDERS share a room adjacent to WAYNE’s room….

19. KNUCKLES informed WAYNE and stated to him that he had provided a statement telling school officials that “WAYNE was not the last person he saw leaving the SUITE OF ROOMS prior to he realized the PS5 was gone.”

20. WAYNE believes there is no evidence to support his claim of stealing the PS5.

21. WAYNE was fired from the team of basketball where he was a superstar player. He had a quick interview with AMMANN as well as the coaching staff.

22. WAYNE did not receive a fair notice from the coaching staff regarding the allegations against him.

23. WAYNE also was asked questions about uncorroborated theft allegations from students or other basketball players.

24. These allegations weren’t made public by WAYNE.

25. WAYNE did not have the opportunity to look over all of the evidence against him. Also, he was not allowed to make any statements or provide evidence to support his innocence on the accusation that he took the PS5.

26. WAYNE believes the uncorroborated claims against WAYNE are based on conjecture, racial prejudice, racial discrimination and racial bias.

27. Basically, WAYNE got expelled from the basketball squad without due process. This was based upon a total lack of credible evidence.

Arnold asserts that Arnold is a victim of race discrimination and violates due process.