What Kind of Libertarian Are You?

Are libertarianism and other political ideologies primarily concerned with the role of the government vis-a-vis the citizens it governs?

Is libertarianism also understood to include a range of cultural obligations that go far beyond the arguments about government size and scope?

Let me put it another way: Are you a libertarian on the streets, but an authoritarian and progressive at the sheets? 

This is the beginning of Stephanie Slade’s trenchant essay “Two Libertarianisms”, which appears in the April 2022 issue. There are reasons (subscribe!). You can find her on Twitter: senior editor at There are reasonsYou can also find out more about a Learn more about the relationship of libertarians with religion and conservatives.

This is the future Reason InterviewTalking with her, we discuss “thick” and “thin”, her history in polling and growing-up in Florida. We also talk about her views on the compatibility of Roman Catholicism, libertarianism, and other topics.