After Invoking Emergency Powers, Trudeau Announces Canada Will ‘Stand Against Authoritarianism,’ Announces Sanctions Against Russia

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in announcing sanctions against Russia, said Canada will “stand against authoritarianism.”

His comments come just days after Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act in Canada, used for a forceful crackdown on peaceful protesters engaged in a ‘Freedom Convoy’ against government mandates.

“Canada and our allies will defend democracy,” Trudeau declared. “We are taking these actions today, to stand against authoritarianism.”

“We will continue working with our international partners to safeguard Ukraine’s territorial integrity and prevent further Russian aggression,” he added.

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Trudeau Stands Against Authoritarianism

In addition to sanctions against Russia, Justin Trudeau further said his country’s battle against authoritarianism will involve a physical troop presence.

“Make no mistake: this is a further invasion of a sovereign state and it is absolutely unacceptable,” he declared.

“So today, I am also authorizing the deployment of up to 460 members of the Canadian Armed Forces to Operation Reassurance,” announced the Prime Minister.

Trudeau is the man who declared his opposition to authoritarianism. Trudeau just managed law enforcement in the north border area, squashing peaceful protests by truckers.

Some protestors were arrested and had their accounts temporarily frozen. They were also threatened. action againstThey were their children and pets.

Tamara Lich, one of the main organizers of the ‘Freedom Convoy’ was arrested and charged with mischief for her role in the protests.

Her bail was refused

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Are You a Hypocrite or a Hypocrite?

Odd to hear Trudeau voice opposition to authoritarianism when we’re just days removed from many observers using the same word in describing his own actions.

Recently, the Washington Post used the exact same term in discussing Canada.

Marc Thiessen relays how Trudeau compared a Jewish Conservative Party MP of standing “with people who wave swastikas” in her support of the ‘Freedom Convoy.’

He explains how Trudeau falsely equated protesters to misogynists and racists asking, “Do we tolerate these people?”

“This is the stuff of authoritarian regimes,” Thiessen explained.

“In a democracy, the government does not get to intimidate people who protest policies they consider unjust by threatening to take away their jobs and their ability to feed their families,” he added.

“Those are actions one would expect from totalitarian regimes in China and Russia, not a Western democracy.”

Trudeau, in his announcement of sanctions against Russia said, “It is not too late for Russia to seek a diplomatic resolution and re-establish a pathway to peace.”

Canadian Prime Minister was not interested in a diplomatic settlement to the protests against mandats. He did not speak with the protesters. He simply painted them as racists from afar before sending his “jackboots” to force them into submission.

Putin would be proud.