WATCH: Pro-Mask School Board Chairwoman Flees Public Meeting After Parent Shows Images Of Her Maskless

After an unsuccessful meeting, a Montgomery County, Virginia school board pro-mask chairwoman stormed out. anti-mask parent showedImages of board members refusing to wear masks in public.

Alecia Vaught, the parent involved in the incident, began by claiming the chair, Susan Kass, had “yelled” at her for not wearing a mask at the previous meeting.

Vaught then pulled up an image from Facebook on her phone “with a crowd of people with no mask on.”

Kass angrily shouted at Vaught to sit down if she is going to “disparage a member of our school board” and then requested the presence of a police officer.

Vaught stood beside the officer. However, other board members supported Vaught’s rights to speak.

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One member of Pro-Mask’s School Board was forced to flee after her parents pointed out her Hypcorisy

Kass was quick to respond by complaining that the arguments over the images were attracting her family.

“What do you think about Our family?” Vaught replied. “Our family has been suffocated to death by your policies.”

Kass would then storm out of the meeting and, as she did, Vaught said: “We’re coming for your seat.”

“You can have it,” Kass fired back.

Vaught called the school board to task for the hypocrisy regarding masks being worn by children at schools.

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin signed Senate Bill739. It allows parents and students to opt out from local school mandates starting on March 1.

Vaught noted that while the school district was attentive to Ralph Northam’s executive order signing the mask orders, they appear determined to fight the new law.

“We sat here last year and listened to you guys preach to us about Governor Northam’s executive orders and how we must follow them. Remember that?” she asked.

“Here’s a governor that comes into office, but yet you don’t want to follow his orders. Is that possible? Why is it different from last year when we were here to this year?” she continued.

“Two different governors, different political parties. So we’re supposed to follow it last year, but not this year?” Vaught railed. “That makes no sense, and it makes all of you a bunch of hypocrites.”

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At School Board Meeting, Father Expelled

Kass stated to local media that Kass had shown images of the mother’s vaccinated family members and friends.

She told the Daily Caller that Virginia “could have waited a bit longer” to remove mask mandates, but “the law is the law and we will abide by it.”

A father was forced to leave a New York school board meeting earlier in the month by security because he refused to wear masks.

School board members were also criticized for being hypocrites after they were seen wearing masks at an indoor function just days before.