Fencing Not Enough: D.C. Now Calling In National Guard, Tow Trucks

National Guard troops, tow trucks and other personnel are now reported to be heading to Washington D.C. to reinstall the fence barrier surrounding the Capitol. 

Fox News reported that D.C.’s state and local law enforcement have ordered National Guard troops to deploy in Washington between February and March in advance of an American truckers convoy. 

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Movement is Growing

The Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy’ movement to protest against cross-border vaccine mandate is, reportedly, spawning an American cousin.

“The People’s Convoy” will begin in Barstow, California on Feb. 23, and makes its way across the United States. The plan is to arrive in Washington D.C. ahead of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech on March 1.

The Great American Patriot Project is another group that plans routes between Fresno (California) and Cleveland, Ohio.

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Prepare Truckers

Fox News reported that truckers with the National Park Service requested permits to permit the accommodation of 1,000 to 3,000 people. 

Fox also reports that the National Guard troops are being supplemented by tow trucks.

Fox News spoke with the owner and operator of one trucking company. His trucks were spotted nearby the Capitol.

 On the other side of the ledger, Bob Bolus, one of the organizers of the People’s Convoy, said in an interview on Sunday:

“We will be along the Beltway where the Beltway will be shut down.” He added, “I’ll give you an analogy of that of a giant boa constrictor. That basically squeezes you, chokes you and it swallows you, and that’s what we’re going to do the D.C.”

Bolus also assured the public that, “There will be a lane open for emergency vehicles, they’ll be able to get in and out and all that. We will not compromise anybody’s safety or health, one way or the other.”

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A minimum of one familiar sight returning to the Capitol

There has not been any discussion about whether Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or anyone else in the Biden administration would be open to meeting with truckers, and listening to their opinions. However, it is clear that they are making an appearance around the Capitol Building.

Authorities are beginning to reinstall fencing around the “People’s House” that originally went up following the riot at the Capitol on January 6.