Leftists Demand A Boycott Of Walgreens After Being Triggered By Donations To Republicans

While it can be difficult to keep track of who the left is obsessed with on any given occasion, it is not impossible. Walgreens, a pharmacy chain that is booming in the US, seems to be their target. A quick perusal of social media will find that the hashtag “#BoycottWalgreens” is trending.

Why? Why? 

But Walgreens has resumed its political donations, including to those GOP lawmakers the left has dubbed “the Sedition Caucus.” 

And for that crime, social media is going berserk with demands to “boycott” the company.

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What Happens When The Left Doesn’t Get Their Way

P.J. is a Conservative writer and author. O’Rourke, who recently passed away, once gave the perfect definition of liberalism: “At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child – miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.” 

The left discovered that Walgreens won’t be able to cater to their needs and lack of discipline. This is when the dramatic tweets start to emerge.

Others decided to leave mom’s basement for a few extra minutes more and go to another pharmacy, because… democracy!

But ultimately, we all know it’s Donald Trump’s fault.

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Conservatives Have Tons Of Fun At Lefties’ Expense

The left got into a rage, but it seemed almost like the conservatives had just as much fun making fun of selective liberal righteous outrage. Looting or its potential lack was very popular.

Marco Rubio of Florida raised the possibility that Walgreens might have less woke Marxists at its stores, which could mean that employees are given fewer duties.

A well-known fact is that liberals love to stay well-rested in order to participate in boycotts. They are ready and able to take part in a boycott if they feel well.

Some people pointed out that cold medicines may be more convenient to take home.

Some, however, were compassionate conservatives and could not help but to look after their liberal friends.


Some just need a bit more information about the boycott/looting.

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Selective Outrage As Usual

Walgreens declared in October 2021 it was closing five stores, along with the approximately 10 it had shut down since 2019. Walgreens cites an increase in organized theft. 

Walgreens and similar chains are not short of video that shows large groups of people with armfuls or merchandise carrying, sometimes in broad daylight outside of Walgreens without the intervention of security officers.

Conservative actor Nick Searcy was a director and actor. He tweeted about what others were doing. The couple went to Walgreens in order to purchase stuff.

It’s not a terrible idea, though. Walgreens makes up counter always has great bargains, so count me in.