“the Black justice whose rulings often resemble the thinking of White conservatives.”

South Carolina representative Jim Clyburn has pushed Judge J. Michelle Childs into the Supreme Court. Some progressives fear that Childs may be too conservative. The Washington Post published a long article on Clyburn and the influence he had on President Biden. According to the article, Childs isn’t moderate but will make progressives happy. The Post quotes Rep. Bennie Thompson, who is the chair of January 6 Commission to dispel any concerns regarding Childs on the Left.

Rep. Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.Clyburn has been a close friend and allies for more than 30 years. Thompson, a former ally and friend of Clyburn said that even Clyburn’s critics can respect Clyburn’s political instincts as well as his connections with a valued but sometimes disappointed group of Democratic voters.
He stated that he was not aware of anyone who believes that Clyburn’s opposition to his nomination is wise. If you are certain that someone has been thoroughly vetted and approved by Jim Clyburn you will know they won’t be going to court and become a Clarence Thomas. This refers to Black justices whose rulings are often very similar to White conservatives’ thinking..

The emphasised portion was written by the Washington Post. Justice Thomas is a black justice that thinks and acts like a white man. The Washington Post called Justice Thomas an Oreo. That statement is inaccurate! White conservatives on the Court often issue rulings similar to those issued by Justice Thomas. Thomas is the Court’s intellectual leader. For decades, he’s been. Gorsuch and Alito are simply trying to keep up CT. Yet again we hear the racist trope of Scalia being Scalia’s clone. It’s the exact opposite. Scalia said that Thomas was pushing him to his right. How lazy is the Post’s writing!

Talk about race can be both upside-down and backward. Radical sentiments that are racially biased against progressives should be immediately canceled. In a newspaper that records facts, racially charged attacks against conservatives will be presented as factual.

This article reminds me of a three-decade-old exchange between Justice Thomas (then Senator Biden).

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It is, in my view, a high-tech, lynching. Uppity Blacks Who Will Not Think for TheirselfIt is an invitation to think for yourself, have different opinions, and to not kowtow too much to the old order. Instead of being hung from the tree, you will be killed, lynched and caricatured in a U.S. Senate committee.

Justice Thomas continues to be independent and resists the temptation to submit to Thompson and Clyburn. He continues to be subjugated by the left without hesitation.

Oh, by the way: In 2005, Senator Biden threatened the filibuster of then-Justice Janice Rogers Brown. Brown credibly could (and should) have become the Supreme Court’s first black woman.

Judge Childs has the knives. This is Nina Totenberg’s charge.

She was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1966. At the age of 13, her mother, a Michigan Bell Telephone Manager, took the family to South Carolina. She was already separated from her father for some time. The judge recounted in 2018 that she got a phone call saying her father, who was a Detroit Police Officer, had died from gunshot wounds. “Obviously, I was shocked.”

There is little public information about her father’s 1980 death. The Associated Press reports that he was “dead from a self-inflicted bullet wound to his chest”. Although Rep. James Clyburn, who has been aggressively lobbying for Childs’ nomination, has said her father died “in the line of duty,” Ralph Childs is not on the Michigan state list of “fallen officers” in 1980.

Totenberg suggested, “in one form or another,” that Judge Childs’s story of his father’s death might not be completely accurate. Do we really want to go there? Childs being criticized for not accurately describing her father’s passing is unacceptable. Anyone seen Judge Childs’ high school yearbook. After all, she was valedictorian. It is hard to imagine what she might have written. It would be great if Michael Avenatti could help. Maybe there are some resources in the prison library.

This is a very quick process that will only get worse.