AOC Says She Fought For ‘Huge Amounts’ Of Illegal Immigrants Get Federal Stimulus Checks

Far-left Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) says Democrats “fought” very hard to allow “huge amounts” of illegal immigrants to attain federal relief stimulus checks.

These comments were shared during a Tuesday virtual town hall with constituents.

AOC (D-NY), was asked by a voter if Congress’ inability to act on immigration reform could affect her reelection chances or those of the Democrat Party.

The congresswoman hedged a bit initially, noting that due to campaign laws she can’t speak directly about elections with the town hall being an event conducted in her official capacity.

But she did tout the Democrat Party’s efforts on aiding illegal immigrants as a whole.

“What I can say is that as an elected official, I’ve been one of the most vocal members of Congress on inclusion of a path to citizenship for the over, you know, 11 million … potentially upwards of 13 million immigrants, undocumented people in the United States,” she replied.

“We’ve thrown everything on the line, and not just in a path to citizenship but we’ve also fought for the inclusion – we fought tooth and nail for the inclusion of undocumented people in relief packages, stimulus checks, FEMA assistance.”

You can see the video at around 1:17:00

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AOC Fought For ‘Huge Amounts’ of Illegal Immigrants to Get Stimulus Checks

AOC proceeded to tout how they fought for “huge amounts” of illegal immigrants to gain access to federal relief.

“We’ve actually helped huge amounts of undocumented families in our district get federal relief that many others were trying to lock them out of,” added the congresswoman.

AOC complained in March of 2020 that cash payments in the first round of stimulus checks would not be made to immigrants with tax IDs, or ITINs, a number issued by the IRS to ensure that people – including unauthorized immigrants – pay taxes.

Her ire was raised to such a level that she threw a temper tantrum on the House floor debating the bill.

Later, she was the only House Democrat who voted against a $484 million aid package for small businesses and hospitals in April.

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Massie Says It’s Legal

Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) responded to AOC’s comments and said the process she speaks of was, in fact, legal.

“This is illegal, I hear it repeated a lot. If it were illegal, she wouldn’t be bragging about it,” tweeted Massie.

“This is what I opposed, when no other Republican representative would stand up in 2020,” he continued. “Then I tried to show that these checks were going to non-citizens and people doubted me.”

It’s unclear how much money is in question.

A USA Today fact-check in 2021 claims “COVID-19 relief package(s) exclude most immigrants who aren’t in the U.S. legally from receiving stimulus checks.”

However, they added, “some people who entered the U.S. on valid temporary working visas … may be eligible for the stimulus check, even if they overstayed their visas.”

Massie was among five Republicans that voted no to a stimulant bill in April 2020.

At first, he had angered his former president Donald Trump and colleagues by attempting to forcibly hold an in-person referendum on the COVID relief plan. They were worried his actions might have caused the vote to be canceled.

Trump referred to him on Twitter as a “grandstander.”

“There could be one vote, one vote, one grandstander, you might have one grandstander, and for that we’ll have to come back and take a little more time,” he said.

Trump would later call Massie “a disaster for America, and for the Great State of Kentucky.”