Ron DeSantis Says Parents Should Be Able To Sue If Their Kids Were Forced To Mask

DeSantis made his remarks during a speech in Florida’s Jackson County.

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DeSantis: ‘Any parent whose kid was illegally force-masked this year in Florida’ should be able to sue schools

DeSantis spoke from Jackson County and discussed the state legislation that could lead to 12 school districts collectively losing $200 million. Ignoring the state’s action against forced masking in schools over parental objections.

The governor said, “My view on that is, rather than take money that may penalize a teacher or student because of the actions of some union-controlled school board member, my view would be let’s not do that.”

“But what you could do is say, any parent whose kid was illegally force-masked this year in Florida, any of those districts, they should have the right to sue if their kids have any negative effects of it,” DeSantis added.

DeSantis also discussed the possible adverse effects of masking children, such as cited speech issues or emotional and/or physical problems.

“They flouted the law, and they should be liable for the consequences of their actions,” DeSantis said of the school districts that defied state law. “And so if the legislature goes down that route, I think that would be very beneficial.”

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DeSantis on mask mandate policies: ‘They want to do certain things to control the Americans’

DeSantis was interviewed earlier in the week. SlammedPoliticians who advocate for mask mandates, but are often not able to do so. 

“You know they want all these kids force-masked in school which we don’t allow in Florida but, and then they’ll take pictures of all these poor kids suffering,” DeSantis said. “They’re just beaming and smiling with no mask on. I mean, it’s just unbelievable what you’re seeing across but that’s the thing.”

This issue was all about control, according to the governor.

“These policies are just about control,” DeSantis insisted. “They want to do certain things to control Americans.”