McConnell, Bush, GOP Establishment Working To Foil Trump-Endorsed Candidates

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has been working in the background to support and protect GOP establishment figures. This sometimes happens against former President Donald Trump. 

And McConnell isn’t alone, either. Former President George W. Bush is at his side in at least one instance. 

The New York Times reports that McConnell’s actively working to recruit Senate candidates to go up against those who might have the support of former President Donald Trump.

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A Party Divide Is Increasingly Visible

Donald Trump has been supporting candidates for the 2022 race for quite some time, but the swamp, also known as the GOP establishment is now ready to strike back.  

One such case given by the NYT is Arizona’s senate race. Trump has been highly critical of Governor Doug Ducey over the state’s performance in the 2020 election. 

While Ducey has demurred on running for Senate in 2022, he’s gotten encouragement from the likes of McConnell and George W. Bush. 

McConnell has stated that he believes that Trump has ‘done damage to the GOP,’ and told allies that he will not back ‘unelectable goofballs’ in the primaries.

In his efforts, he’s hitting the phones and calling people in for meetings.

Recently, he rebuked Republican National Committee for censing Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger (R.WY), for their participation on Jan. 6 House Committee. He called the riot on January 6 a “violent insurrection,” borrowing language from the most vehement Democrats and left-wing media narratives.

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Candidate in a threatening position

Donald Trump has made some early endorsements, and some have not panned out, with one – Sean Parnell in Pennsylvania – even dropped out of his race. McConnell never ceases to be wildly popular, no matter how many calls he makes. He still draws thousands to his rallies and is a sought-after endorsement.

However, many candidates that Trump endorses are not enthusiastic about declaring they will vote McConnell out as leader. It has left them in an unusual position.

The peculiar scenario was laid out by a Trump advisor and used the Ohio Senate primary as an example, “You have four candidates who would seemingly do anything for [Trump’s] endorsement and yet not one of them is willing to stand up and say, ‘It’s time for McConnell to go.’”

This is how the gap between the political establishments and the rank-and-file voter manifests itself.

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Trump endorses two new indictments against incumbents

Trump is making new endorsements for sitting members of Congress.

Trump has endorsed Loren Cull, who is challenging Dan Newhouse of Washington State, who voted against Trump in the Capitol riot. 

He also endorsed Katie Arrington against South Carolina incumbent Nancy Mace, who claimed that Trump was responsible for the Capitol riot and “put all of [their] lives at risk.”

As if to make the point about the power of a Trump endorsement, just days after Trump endorsed Mace’s opponent, she apparently traveled to New York City (which is quite a distance from South Carolina’s First Congressional District) and made a video in front of Trump Tower telling her supporters how much of a strong Trump supporter she is.