Just Watch: Democrats About To Take Credit For Lifting COVID Restrictions, Thanking ‘Biden’s Leadership’

This day was coming, as you knew. This was the inevitable turning point, when Democrats took credit for lifting their COVID restrictions.

In what could be the opening shot in the gambit, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries credited President Biden’s “leadership” for mask mandates being relaxed in several states, despite the fact the White House insisted a day earlier that mask rules remain in place.

Jeffries made these comments at a Tuesday press conference when asked about whether Democrats were rushing to ease pandemic rules in light of the approaching midterm elections.

“Job creation is up, wages are up, unemployment is down and the Omicron variant is in retreat,” the New York Democrat said.

“And that’s not by accident. That’s because under President Biden’s leadership, a public health infrastructure was put into place,” he claimed, “to ensure that we can do everything possible to crush the virus, and that is what has been happening.”

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Democrats will try to take credit ahead of the midterm elections

To claim that President Biden is to be credited for lifting mask mandates in multiple states, one must perform a lot of mental gymnastics.

Liberal governors from New Jersey, Delaware and Connecticut all decided to eliminate mask mandates that schoolchildren in their states were subject to in order for them not be considered as conservatives.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul expects to make a similar announcement for Empire State business owners, but will not reportedly put masks on students at schools.

The biggest hurdle in Jeffries’ epic Jedi mind trick Olympiad is the fact that the administration itself insisted one day earlier that mask mandates should remain in place.

“We recommend masking in schools. That is the recommendation from the CDC,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said in her daily briefing Monday.

Biden’s “leadership” is literally telling everybody to stop relaxing the mask mandates, but Jeffries is trying to convince the American people that, to quote Jim Carrey in Liar, Liar, “the goddamn pen is blue!”

Please take my word for it: Democrats will continue to gaslight as they try to thwart a red tide in 2022.

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It’s Science!

Representative Hakeem Jeffries’ comments come as CNN medical analyst Leana Wen admitted the decision to mask should shift from a government mandate to an individual choice.

“I am not saying … no one should ever wear masks, but rather that the responsibility should shift from a government mandate imposed from the state or local district of the school, rather it should shift to an individual responsibility by the family,” Wen said.

“The science has changed,” she notes.

Jeffries, who is the leading candidate to succeed Nancy Pelosi in her role as House Speaker and Democrat Leader when she retires, has been widely acclaimed.

Plans may have been put on hold by the announcement made late last month by Pelosi, 81 years old, that she would be running for reelection.

Jeffries claimed once that all Americans were racists and voted for Donald Trump.

“Many of us are wondering, why were so many people who worshiped at the altar of white supremacy drawn to Donald Trump’s campaign?” Jeffries asked. “We do know that every racist in America voted for Donald Trump.”

Aside from touting Biden’s “leadership” in lifting mask mandates, Jeffries also claims the President “leaned into the science” when it came to vaccines.

“A year later, more than two hundred million Americans are fully vaccinated,” the Democrat said.

“That doesn’t happen by accident,” he added. “Because President Biden and Democrats in the House and the Senate have leaned into the science, to the evidence, to standing up a robust public infrastructure, and now we are seeing the fruits of that work.”

In 2021, there were more COVID-19-related deaths than in 2020.

Leaning into the science led leader Biden to claim vaccinated Americans couldn’t get sick or end up in the hospital with COVID.

They are not leaning in to the science from the Democrat side. They’re leaning into the polls. The polls show that people have grown tired of mandating.

It will prove to be an uphill battle for the Resistance party if people are still disillusioned before the midterm elections. It doesn’t matter how many lies they tell the American people.