Biden’s False Gun Claims Are a Lousy Basis for Law

Joe Biden lies so often and willfully about guns that if he was a podcaster about any other topic, the aging rockers might trip over their walkers to cut all ties with him. The White House is expected to provide better information and advice in this age of misinformation. Biden however proposes ever more stringent rules, based upon his repeated statements. malarkeyThis illustrates the problems governments face when they try to control their enormous regulatory system based on misunderstandings and malice.

“Congress needs to do its part too: pass universal background checks, ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, close loopholes, and keep out of the hands of domestic abusers — weapons, repeal the liability shield for gun manufacturers,” Biden Last week, I huffedNew York. “Imagine had we had a liability — they’re the only industry in America that is exempted from being able to be sued by the public.  This is it.

It’s true, it is huge! It’s false. It turns out that gun manufacturers may be subject to lawsuits for product defects. Biden appears to refer to this law and other similar claims make reference to it: Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms ActAfter a series of lawsuits against gun dealers and gun manufacturers, the 2005 law was passed. This law protects the firearms industry from legal action if any end-user engages in criminal or unlawful misuse.

Professor Adam Winkler at UCLA Law says that “the 2005 law doesn’t prevent gun manufacturers from being held responsible for defects in the design.” NPR, 2015Hillary Clinton claimed a similar untrue. Like carmakers, gun manufacturers can be sued for selling a defective item. Problem is, gun violence victims may want to sue gun makers for criminal misuses of functioning products.

This law was created to stop the court from using firearms dealers and manufacturers as weapons against people who might misuse the products. This law explicitly excludes anybody who “transfers a firearm knowing that the weapon will be used in a crime or violence.”

Also, such protection is NotUnique to the firearms sector. We’ve all been reminded that the pharmaceutical industry is thriving. There is some liability protection for vaccines. Congress also applied General aviation liability limits industry.

PolitiFact: “Congress passed many laws to protect various business sectors from lawsuits under certain circumstances, so this situation isn’t unique to the firearm industry.” Highlighted in 2015It ruled Clinton’s allegations against the firearms sector “false”.

Biden doesn’t have any excuse to make long-debunked statements about the firearms business at this point. He’s also a bullshitter regarding the Second Amendment.

Biden reiterated the Second Amendment’s importance during his speech last week. “You couldn’t buy a cannon in — when the — this — this amendment was passed.  There is no reason to believe that you shouldn’t be allowed to purchase certain assault weapons.

This is again false.

According to David Kopel, Independence Institute, “The Bill of Rights did not contain any federal laws regarding gun ownership, and there were no restrictions on the gun types that could be owned by states.” TelledThe Washington PostAfter an earlier iteration, Biden made the “cannon” claim last summer.

“In truth, it is not necessary to read the Constitution to understand that private persons could have cannons,” says the PostGlenn Kessler, of s Glenn Kessler pointed out letters of marquee and repudiation that commissioned private warships for the United States. The waivers granted and the ownership of warships meant that they could also acquire cannons to use in battle.

“Biden has already been fact-checked on this claim — and it’s been deemed false,” Kessler added. He must end this false claim. “We don’t have any idea how he came up with this idea of a ban on the ownership cannons in the early days.

These lies are important because they’re repeated repeatedly by a powerful government official, who then uses them to support changes in law and additional restrictions on human activity. Or he may be too inept to know new facts, or he might just want to threaten people with the military power of the government.

Already powerful, the regulatory state can be extremely dangerous. To implement backdoor restrictions, the government uses its authority. FirearmsAnd marijuanaThat the law doesn’t permit. It was applied to Coerce banks to sell stockTo the Feds and To Forcing business mergers. Operation Choke PointThis was a federally approved scheme that denied financial services to legally-constituted businesses.

Frank Keating was a former Governor of Oklahoma. He had been a U.S. Agent and FBI agent. In 2018, I wrote. It targeted large swathes of business without regard to whether or not legal businesses were affected.

Now we have Biden who is determined to broaden the government’s reach based upon repeated falsehoods that he has been repeatedly told are totally untrues. It is not a good sign for the future that laws and regulations are founded in political malarkey. They were likely to be enforced illegally if they are not in good faith.

People can be cancelled, which is why it wouldn’t make sense to give Biden a platform where he could misinform. We could instead, both for current and future officeholders delegate an aide who whispers in the President’s ear from time-to-time, The style of the heroes’ friendsThe ancient Roman victory: “False!” This notion is not known to us. You must stop making these claims.”