MSNBC’s Jason Johnson Says Trump ‘Has To Be Jailed’ Because He’s A ‘Direct Danger To American Democracy’

On Wednesday, MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson said that former President Donald Trump was such a “direct danger to American democracy” that he needed to be “jailed.”

Johnson made his remarks during a discussion on news outlet’s program “Deadline.”

Johnson states that youth are skeptical of media.

In a segment in which former George W. Bush staffer-turned liberal hero Nicolle Wallace warned about “autocracy,” she made the unbelievable claim that the left is really understated because of a fear of sounding hyperbolic. 

Johnson continued to argue that Johnson was wrong to say that an ex-President should be imprisoned.

Johnson said, “I’m teaching a media literacy class to my students at Morgan State University. The level of cynicism that young people have towards the media, and then you mix that with old folks or older folks who have decided that there’s only one place they want to listen to, it’s hard for anyone to be an arbiter of truth, justice and common sense at this particular point.”

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Johnson On Trump Supporters: ‘They don’t care what the facts are. They just want Donald Trump in office’

“That’s one of the reasons why I have concerns as to whether or not the January 6 committee can be effective in presenting their case to the American public,” Johnson said.

MSNBC’s host then focused on Trump’s supporters.

“We know there are 30 percent of the population that doesn’t care,” John insisted. “They don’t care what the facts are.”

“They just want Donald Trump in office,” he claimed.

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Johnson: Trump ‘a direct danger to American democracy that he has to be jailed’

“At this point, I don’t care if he’s found guilty of treason if he’s found guilty for violating records,” Johnson said. “I don’t care if they find he has a Blockbuster VHS tape from 1998 that he never returned and owes $100 million and has to go to jail. I don’t care.”

“The fact of the matter is the guy has been so obvious about being a direct danger to American democracy that he has to be jailed,” Johnson said.

“He has to be punished,” he finished.

Wallace, just twenty seconds prior to claiming that the left is afraid of sounding hyperbolic and laughing about someone requesting their political opponent’s imprisonment for an overdue flick, laughed.

Johnson used social media to criticize people who didn’t agree with him after Breitbart reported the initial story.