Biden Defends the Military’s ‘Preparation and Precision’ in a Counterterrorism Operation That Killed Syrian Kids

Joe Biden is President AnnouncementToday’s news is that Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi, the top Islamic State leader was murdered in an American raid on northern Syria. After the suicide of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s death, Al-Qurayshi was made the Islamic State leader. killedIn a similar raid in 2019, led by U.S. Special Operations Forces.

Biden said, “Last night, U.S. Military Forces in Northwest Syria undertook successfully a Counterterrorism Operation to Protect the American People and Our Allies, and Make the World a Safer Place.” He made the following statement. He spoke out on Thursday morning about the raid and praised U.S. soldiers’ “signature preparedness and precision”. He also noted that he had directed the Department of Defense “to take all precautions possible to reduce civilian casualties.”

The civilian deaths are often overlooked in this framing. The White Helmets, a Syrian defence group, was killed in a battle for its life. reportedThe operation resulted in at least thirteen deaths, with six children and four mothers among them. The U.S. military had concerns about family members living on the 1st floor during the planning phase. reportedCBS News. “In the midst of the operation, the troops called for the evacuation of civilians.”

Al-Qurayshi was responsible for the deaths of civilians. DetonatedA bomb was dropped at the start of the operation. Biden points out that al-Qurayshi had “chosen to surround himself by families, including children.” He and his group are guilty of doing terrible things.

However, the Pentagon called it “a terrorist operation.”It was a success

In its military operations in Middle East, the U.S. shows little concern for the lives of children and civilians since the beginning. U.S. forces launchedIn spite of the fact that nearly 700 children were being held in this prison, airstrikes were launched against it late January. “It’s unclear how many of these detained boys were fighters. How many were detained simply because they were too elderly to be kept in camps for ISIS family members.” reported The New York Times.Teenage inmates made up nearly 500 of the people who were ultimately executed. killedAs the Syrian Democratic Forces and U.S forces battled to take back control of the prison.

Many reports from past attacks were reported in January, and are currently being investigated more deeply. The U.S. military had been involved in attacks on the Islamic State during previous campaigns. PlacéTabqa Dam under ISIS control, which is also the largest dam of Syria, was placed on no-strike lists. A U.S. Special Operations unit bombed it in 2017 anyway—despite a military report that warned against an attack, saying the ensuing flood could “Kill tens to thousands of civilians.” Afghanistan Conduct came under fireIt will also be available for January. The New York Times PublishedVideo footage from an American military strike on Kabul, 29 August that left 10 dead (including 7 children) clearly shows that there were children in the area before the attack.

The next day TimesReleased footage from Kabul. sent a letterBiden denounces “repeated civilian causalities arising out of secretive and non-accountable deadly operations.” Lloyd Austin, Defense Secretary A directive was issuedOne week later, the President called for military personnel to “improve upon efforts in protecting civilians”.

Biden did indeed mention this concern when he spoke about Thursday’s attacks. Biden stated that the raid was chosen to reduce civilian casualties. It may be true that civilians were killed in the raid, however, praising its precision is a poor decision.

There is still a question mark lingering over U.S. military engagement in Syria and how much longer our operations will be necessary—an issue that Biden did not address in his remarks. Barack Obama was the former president Back in 2014, ISIS campaign was described as a “long-term campaign.” These aren’t quick fixes. It’s not clear why, eight years later, we are still involved in the fight given the current situation.

ISIS was not successful in its early years. Pose an existential riskThe U.S. has never accepted it; they don’t accept it now. It was defeated ineffectively many years back. Has not held territoryIn Syria and Iraq since 2019. Around 900 U.S. soldiers are stationed in Syria at the moment and have been assigned to fight ISIS. Although there is a possibility of withdrawal, the Biden administration claims it won’t. no congressional authorizationFor this presence). They’ll remain there as long as the station is maintained. face attacksmilitias, who are trying to get them out.

America’s military presence in Syria is a risk to both civilians and U.S. forces. We must withdraw our troops from Syria. Although an ISIS leader died today, officials in the United States should not minimise civilian deaths that followed his death. If they don’t admit we need to do more to minimize harm, civilians will still suffer.