Whoopi Goldberg’s 2-Week Suspension From The View Is Idiotic

The View Whoopi Goldberg’s host is yet another victim to cancel culture. This depends upon the definition of the word. After making the bizarre claim that the Holocaust was not an example of racism—and then reiterating this view during an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert—Goldberg was dealt a two-week suspension by ABC.

“Effective immediately. I suspend Whoopi Goldberg from the market for 2 weeks because of her hurtful and untrueful remarks.” saidKim Godwin (president of ABC News) released a statement Tuesday. While Whoopi has since apologized, she was asked to take the time to think about her remarks and reflect on them. ABC News stands with all of our Jewish friends, families, and communities.

To my knowledge, no one has ever agreed with this punishment. Goldberg’s comments do not appear to come from a place of maliciousness toward Jewish people—in fact, she has described herself as a non-practicing Jew in the past. Why is the suspension necessary? It’s only to stop a political talkshow host talking about politics. Goldberg claimed, was repeatedly corrected and called out. Goldberg wasn’t denigrating anti-Semitism or underplaying its horrors, but she was trying to make a point.

Here is her defense on Colbert.

Goldberg said, “This is the most interesting thing to me because Nazis lied.” “It wasn’t [about race]. Their issues were not related to race but ethnicity. The Nazis were mostly white, and the majority of those they attacked were also white. My thought is, “How can it be about race?” if the Nazis were actually fighting against each other. This all started when I suggested to my children how they would explain what had happened in Nazi Germany. This wasn’t about raciality, I replied, “It was white on white.”

There are many ways to make money. kernel This is an interesting point: The Nazis were the first to propose the single-person government. Weiß race that was set apart from—and in their view, superior to—all other races. Before the 20th century many people were considered to be human. Weiß According to modern standards, people of different racial backgrounds were not considered part of one racial group. For example, there was no consensus that Irish and Italian racially related. People from various European countries or even neighboring countries were frequently considered part of the common. OtherThey were not identical, regardless of how close they may appear. They had other ideas than the Nazis.

These are Certain However, they considered Jews to belong to an inferior non-white racial group. They used a blatantly racist anti-Jewish language. This is where Goldberg’s remarks really get off track.

She’s right that in a world where racial categories have been expanded to include all white-looking people in the same bucket, modern children might have difficulty understanding why Jews—who are now frequently considered to be white, even though many of them are not—suffered racial genocide at the hands of people who more or less look similar to them. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the Holocaust didn’t have racial motives. Race was a major factor in the Holocaust.

Even so, it’s not easy to imagine why The View had to issue a suspension. Goldberg’s remarks were as informed and insightful as her regular comments on COVID-19. She suggested recently, for example, that preventive measures should continue due to the coronavirus threat to children.