Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy Blocking U.S.-Alberta Border, Farmers Joining The Protest

Canada’s Freedom Convoy truckers have gained support not just all over Canada, but all over the U.S. as well. The latest move in the pressure campaign against Canada’s vaccine mandate for cross-border trucking is a blockade.

One portion of Freedom Convoy is blocking Alberta crossing. This crossing is the most busy border crossing between Canada and the U.S. 

Based on reports and video, it appears that large-sized farm tractors have been used by farmers to join the convoy.

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The Law Enforcement Unit

As the convoy in Alberta stretched for miles on Highway 4 across Alberta, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have called the blocking of the border crossing “unlawful.” They say they have made “extensive efforts” to negotiate with the truckers but stated, “While we thought we had a path to resolve this, the protesters chose not to comply.”

The RCMP also says that if need be, they are prepared to bring in “additional resources” in order to make arrests or tow trucks.

Video in a tweet dated Feb. 1 at 8:03 pm, shows the convoy – including farm tractors – breaking through police lines. 

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Truckers Stand Up

Canadian truckers started protesting when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a liberal government issued a mandate to immunize truckers who crossed the U.S. border.

Benjamin Dichter, a spokesman for the protest, appeared with Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night. He said that, “Canada has gone from Justin Trudeau’s promises of sunny days into dark, authoritarian oppression and control.”

He described some of the technology that is being used by Canada’s government. While driving his truck, he told the tale of how he approached the Canadian border in order to get back to Canada. The Border agent scanned a code from his smartphone and allowed him to cross as a citizen.

The Border agent informed Dichter that he did not need the code on Dichter’s phone. Dichter had been on his way to crossing the border when the GPS track on the phone alerted the Border agent.

Dichter asked the terrifying question, “What happens if this technology goes beyond borders?”


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Canada, Canada

As the convoy arrived in the Canadian capital of Ottawa on Saturday, Justin Trudeau not only refused to communicate in any meaningful way with the truckers, but fled the city with his family, with the CBC reporting that a source cited “security concerns.”

He called those participating in the protests a “fringe minority” with “unacceptable views.”

But not everyone in Ottawa was open to the idea of the convoy.

Jason Kenney, the Alberta Premier has demanded that both the Canadian and Alberta quarantine regulations be halted in light of cross-country protests. Quebec’s plan to impose a tax on unvaccinated persons has been abandoned. Quebec Premier Francois Legault stated that it would be “too divisive.”