When Presidents Pick Law Profs

I was surprised by the number of law professors Trump tapped to serve on the federal appellate court. President Trump appointed several law professors to the federal bench, including Joan Larsen and David Stras. Also, Stephanos Bibas (Stephen Menashi), Allison Eid, Neomi Ro, Steve Menashi, Steve Menashi and Stephanos Bibas. There were fewer law professors serving in the executive branches of government during Trump’s Administration than there were under the Obama Administration.

There are many law academics who work in the Biden administration. This is an example of the list that includes only environmental law professors, who have been appointed to important executive branches positions. Toby Heytens from the U.S. Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit is the one law academic that President Biden has tapped. Myrna perez is currently a U.S. Court of Appeals Judge for the Second Circuit. However, this appointment was not a full-time one (and there have been many adjunct judges that were nominated by both Presidents).

This discrepancy is not clear to me, but it does make sense. The gap could be closed if President Biden nominates more lawyers to the courts.