Conservatives Mock Fauci After Photos Show His Office Has Life-Size Portrait, Bobblehead Of Himself

Social media erupted this week over an image of Doctor Anthony Fauci’s office which revealed a bobblehead and a massive, life-size portrait of himself.

The image cropped up after a Twitter user posted a screenshot of something they had seen in the National Geographic documentary titled “Fauci,” released in September.

The documentary describes Fauci as an “unlikely cultural icon” who has “valiantly overseen” various epidemics in America throughout his career.

And the Biden administration’s chief medical adviser seems to be all in on his own press.

“A peek inside Dr. Anthony Fauci’s home office reveals he’s surrounded by images of himself — including his own bobblehead and a life-size portrait on the wall,” the New York Post writes.

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Fauci’s Office Is A Shrine To Fauci

While most of us feature pictures of our spouse or children on our desk or workspace, Fauci seems to be rather obsessed with … well, Fauci.

The Post continues to describe the scene – Fauci typing what appears to be an email while “a canvas print of his likeness looms over him,” and a “framed photo of what appears to be Fauci’s face” and “a Dr. Fauci bobblehead” can all be observed.

Another social media user gained a boost by sharing the screenshot and photohopping the computer screen so it looked like Fauci was looking at himself from his desk.

Critics quickly seized upon what was seen as proof of a narcissist at the office.

Joe Borelli is a New York City Councilman. the image with, “My God.”

Tim Young is a radio host and columnist. tweeted, “Sooo… Fauci is a total narcissistic piece of shit… got it.”

“Doesn’t this tell you everything about Fauci?” added Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe.

Other people defended Fauci and suggested that, if they were just as well-known as him, they may do the same.

“I mean, if someone made a bobblehead of me…I’d have 9 of them,” author David Burkus said.

He added that “the giant portrait is a little much though.”

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Fake Idols and the Peril of Falsehood

Fauci isn’t the only one in love with Fauci. The good doctor has attracted the attention of many political pundits and left-leaning commentators.

Liberals and Democrats have shared images on social media of Fauci bobblehead dolls or posters.

Olivia Troye is a former Vice President Mike Pence aide and has a unhealthy obsession with Dr. Fauci.

She is a pandemic crush posted pictures of her super-creepy Dr. Anthony Fauci Christmas ornament with the caption “In Fauci we trust.”

Fauci, aside from his giant-than life portrait and bobblehead consults with science.

“If they get up and really aim their bullets at Tony Fauci,” he said of his many critics, “well people can recognize that there’s a person there, so it’s easy to criticize, but they’re really criticizing science because I represent science.”