Grocery Shelves Are Empty, but Immigration Waitlists Are Full

All grocery shelves in the United States have this feature NudeHospitals are offeringNurses number in the tens of thousandsMany school districts receive bonuses worth thousands of dollars to help their overworked, depleted teams. Couldn’t Find bus drivers (or You can even Teachers!) They are there to look after their students. Only Americans can clearly not meet all these needs. Yet, the U.S. will continue to be able to provide for them from July 2020 until July 2021. All are welcomeThere are only 256,000 immigrants in the country, which is more than 75% less than mid-2010s. 

On September 20, 2021, the U.S. Had 10 million job openings but only around 8 million people seeking work opportunities—a unique imbalance complicated by the ongoing pandemic, by individuals embracing self-employment, and by the COVID checks many people received from the government. Although those handouts are mostly gone since September, many employers still haven’t taken down the “help needed” signs. 

Jim Dudlicek, National Grocers AssociationRepresentative of more than 1,500 wholesale and retail grocers. He reports that many members of the group are managing their shops with less than half of their usual workforce. According to Dudlicek, labor shortages across the supply chain—including an insufficient number of truck drivers—is contributing to both price inflation and shortages.

Many immigrants arrive in the United States. Find a jobNative-born Americans tend to be reluctant to take on these tasks. It is not surprising that the biggest gaps in the labour market are found where immigrants account for a higher percentage of workers. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2020 “foreign-born workers were more likelyThere are many occupations that native-born workers can be hired in, including maintenance, production, transport, and material movement occupations. Foreign-born workers Make upAbout 17 percent of U.S. workers are in this category. Each of these struggling industries are listed above. More than 20%Many of these workers have already immigrated. 

This dynamic doesn’t only affect low-wage occupations. According to BloombergAmerica is experiencing the most severe shortage of health care workers. Everyday. An estimated 2.27 millionHospitals are already home to immigrants. American hospitals were 16 percent as of October. reportedThe problem was so bad that the staff were severely understaffed. The urgent need for these jobs is so great that some health officials allow COVID infected employees to keep their job. Immigrants have proven that they are capable of taking over and getting the job done for many health care workers.

Although immigrants won’t fix every U.S. labor shortage, increasing the number of people who are willing to work in honest jobs and earn a living would be a good place to begin. We’ll soon see more meat and milk at our supermarkets if we allow more immigrants into America.