Princeton’s Free Speech Initiative

The public launch of an initiative at Princeton University is something I am happy to share with you. Under the James Madison Program, American Ideals and Institutions, the Initiative on Freedom of Thought, Inquiry, and Expression is being launched. JMP hosted the initiative and Princeton University gave its approval (though it will still rely on external funds). Along with Bernie Haykel (my colleague), I will direct the Free Speech Initiative.

Over time, we expect to hold seminars, lectures, conferences and other programs to defend, promote and explain free speech. We are hoping to have an effect on Princeton and provide information for both students and faculty about Princeton’s free speech laws. The initiative could, over time, help improve our understanding of free expression principles both in academia and civic discourse. While it may be unfortunate for such an initiative to become necessary in these times, it is vital that we continue the legacy of strong free speech principles to our next generation.

As chair of Academic Freedom Alliance, my work will not cease.

Bernie and I discuss the Free Speech Initiative in the Madison’s Notes podcast, available here.