How Justices Scalia, Sotomayor, and Breyer Inscribed Books to RBG

There are more than 1000 books in Justice Ginsburg’s private library up for sale. Her colleagues gifted books to me.

Justice Scalia inscribed an original copy Reading Law“With respect, and warm regards,”

It was fascinating to note that he used the 15/VI/12 date instead of 6/15/12. Is this a Scalia quirk to use the roman number?

Justice Sotomayor inscribed My Beloved Universe It ends with the words “I hope it’s fun for you.”

Justice Breyer’s insignia forThe Court and the WorldHis questions in oral arguments are rambling and all over the place, barely understandable, and a lot like his rambling.

It is here that I have tried my best to translate it. You are welcome to make corrections.

To Ruth, my friend and colleague — 21 in hard days & years (!) — and often together with many other people too. Much admiration and appreciation –S.

This inscription truly is an opening in Breyer’s mind. The angle he started to write was 45 degrees. He lost the date so he put it in the corner. To represent a pause, he actually used an “em”-dash. An exclamation point was placed in parentheses. The parenthetical is not understandable. Many words can barely be read. The Knopf logo looks almost like an inkblot between Breyer’s scrawls.  Fascinating.

Scalia and Thomas books have had me sign copies. One of my most prized possessions is a signed pocket Constitution by Justices Thomas and Scalia. I proudly display it in my office.