How to Win a Prize for Writing About Originalism

It is a pleasure to announce that the University of Chicago Federalist Society now has the Eaton Award for writing. This award is open to all Federalist Society members anywhere in the United States, provided they don’t have a long history of academic publishing.

This year’s theme is “Does Originalism Still Work?” Submissions are welcome from originalism critics as well as defenders!

Below is the complete announcement

University of Chicago Federalist Society

The Eaton Award is now available

University of Chicago Federalist Society proudly announces the Eaton Award. This writing award was made possible through the generous support of Professor Philip Eaton. This award encourages new scholarship in Constitutional Law, and helps to foster young Constitutional Law scholars. The award winner for the 2021-2022 will be presented with a check in excess $2000. Recognition of their contributions and work will also be given.

The submission rules and this year’s topic are listed below.

Prompt: Does originalalism still work?

Justice Scalia defined originalism by interpreting the Constitution according the “what it meant at the time it was adopted” and not “what society or the Court thinks it should mean.” It is importantTo mean.” Although these assertions were initially controversial at the time, legal thinkers embraced Justice Scalia’s method in the coming decades. On the Supreme Court, there are at most four originalists, but as many as six.

It is well-known that Originalism has its core principles. Originalism is a system that encourages consistency. It points judges to an objective beyond their own policy preferences. Originalism preserves democracy through the preservation of the will and opinions expressed in the Constitution. Originalism adheres to both the text and the constitution. Originalism forms part of our law, and encourages the rule law.

Many things have changed since the days when originalism was first established. The faith we have in these institutions has fallen to dangerous levels. COVID-19 has thrown society into turmoil. The nation has been pushed to the edge by political division. Many conservatives think originalism is not delivering on what it promised. Is it still possible to justify originalism today as we sit in this room? Are those who believe strongly in liberty, the separation and supremacy of power, as well as the rule of laws, able to develop new approaches for constitutional interpretation? Can originalism work today?

These are the submission guidelines

All members of Federalist Society in any country are eligible to enter the essay competition. Although the maximum length of an essay is 50 pages, we accept shorter or longer submissions. It can be written in any style but must not have been published before. Authors are encouraged to submit their essays later. If you’re unsure whether your essay qualifies, send it!

A committee of University of Chicago Federalist Society members and two outside experts in Constitution Law will determine the winner. This includes one University of Chicago Law School faculty member.

Please submit your essay by email to Conley Hurst,, by March 15, 2022.

The Chapter will award the cash prize of more than $2000 to the winner, recognize them at an appropriate ceremony, promote their essay, and distribute it to all Federalist Society members.