Poll: Voters Unhappy With Biden Administration’s Handling Of Supply Chain Crisis

Casey Harper, The Center Square

Americans are unhappy with the Biden administration’s handling of the supply chain crisis, a new poll indicates.

Polling results for Convention of States Action and Trafalgar Group released Don’t forget to enter the data showing the majority of Americans say they are unimpressed with U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s work on the issue.

According to the poll, 55.5% of surveyed voters say Buttigieg “is doing a poor job of handling the supply chain crisis.” The survey found 14.8% say he is doing a fair job, 14.5% say he is doing a good job and 15.2% say he is doing an excellent job.

“Given that Secretary Buttigieg was very, very quietly on leave as this global crisis was brewing, we’re impressed that his numbers aren’t even worse,” said Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States Action. “We believe this is due to the fact that many Americans aren’t even aware he is supposed to be doing something about the supply chain.”

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Buttigieg was an outstanding presidential candidate during last year’s Democratic presidential primaries, and is considered to be a candidate for the future. Buttigieg’s rating among independent voters is likely to increase.

According to the poll, 53.3% said Buttigieg does a bad job handling the crisis in supply chains.

Buttigieg indicated in October that the supply chain issues might last as long the pandemic.

More than 1,000 voters likely to vote in 2022 participated in the survey, which was carried out Dec. 4-7.

An earlier poll found that Americans feel the pinch caused by supply chain issues.

“Sixty percent of U.S. adults say they have been unable to get a product they wanted in the past two months because of shortages, and 57% have experienced significant delays in receiving a product they ordered,” Gallup reported in August. “Seven in 10 Americans overall have had at least one of these issues, while 46% have had both.”

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