Fund the Police

CBS SF Bay Area, quoting S.F. Mayor London Breed

The reign of the criminals that are ruining our city is over. It’s high time to end it. It will end when law enforcement is more aggressive. More aggressive with the changes in our policies and less tolerate of all the bullshit that has destroyed our city….

Recent months have seen an increase in brazen car robberies, vehicle break-ins, and street behaviour. It is clear that this behavior has been far too common and should not be continued.

Everybody who visits San Francisco, including our employees and residents, needs to feel safe. San Francisco is known for being a caring city. Our city is proud of its ability to provide second chances for those who need them. However, we aren’t a city that accepts anything. We should never mistake compassion for indifference or weakness.

Breed was only interested in four measures

  • “[T]Arresting illegal drugs has fuelled a rise in gun violence, and fatal fentanyl overdoses.
  • “Securing emergency funds for the police to provide needed resources.”
  • “Amending our surveillance order so that law enforcement can stop crime in its tracks.”
  • “Disrupting illegal street sales for stolen goods

Further crackdowns on drugs sales seem unlikely to be a wise idea. Drugs win the War on Drugs every time, and the collateral damage from fighting this war is immense. The reason for gun violence stems exactly from illegal drugs. However, I am glad that S.F. I’m glad that even S.F. is recognising the value of street crime policing, including property and violent crimes.