This Year’s Book Recommendations

The University of Chicago Law School posted, as per tradition, a list of recommended books that our faculty have been reading. Below are two of the highlighted books:

Julia Galef, The Scout Mindset

A book about how and why to be rational–that is, to try to see the world as it is even if it isn’t what we wish. The “soldier mentality” is focused on fighting for beliefs you don’t hold. A “scout mentality” is focused upon learning all the facts, even bad. This book shows great empathy for those who have emotional needs that can make it difficult to think clearly. It uses stories and examples from the Dreyfuss Affair to his own personal love story. It is important and could be life-changing.

To avoid putting the word “rationalism”, I attempted to create that blurb. It was afraid that people would not be able to understand it. Volokh readers aren’t likely to believe that.

Fiction: I selected A Memory Called Empire from ArkadyMartine

Interplanetary Empire: A tale of palace intrigue. With the technology implanted memories from her deceased predecessor and a strong loyalty to her planet, the protagonist sets out to reach the capital of the empire. It is a page-turning, haunting tale. This is the best science fiction book that I have ever read. The sequel was even better.The Desolation That Is PeaceThe same goes for ).

Julia’s book was clear as day. (You can also listen to me on Julia’s podcast to find out more). There was also a lot more science fiction and fantasy to choose from this year. It was also a great read. I loved the Goblin Emperor, and its pseudo-sequel written by Katherine Addison. The Daevabad Trilogy (City of Brass) is another favorite. By S. A Chakraborty, the newest Penric Books by Lois McMaster Bujold. The Scholomance novels by Naomi Novik. Hail Mary by Andy Weir. The Murderbot Diaries of Martha Wells.