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This already explosive 2021 gangbuster has a surprising twist at the end. There are reasonsWebathon: A generous anonymous donor offered a match of $100,000 to help you raise money. This means that if you are interested in a $100,000 match, it is possible to do so. GiveBetween now and the quickly approaching end of our fundraising Week, every one of your donations will be counted. donationDollars magically become two

This money can be used for many things, including a variety of projects. We will expand the Video and podcast offeringsIt seems like you all really love it. You can use your cash to pay for investigative reporting Criminal justice, Political Misbehavior and Bureaucratic Misbehavior. Infringements on Speech, among others.. PayPal payments will allow our writers to have the time to talk and think about ways to create space for free minds in an intellectual and partisan landscape. More and more people abandon their homesPrincipled, classical liberal values are preferred to pragmatic authoritarianism. Credit card donations can help us to cover culture even if Some There are reasonsFor more information, see here You have a better sense of taste than other people. Your crypto support will be a boon to our efforts. Fact-checking, hoax debunkingThis is a critical corrective for so many media outlets. 

You Bids for our NFTMore digging will be funded on new, exciting tech which is changing the way we live.

You can have all this for a low price Absolutely nothing—we are mission-driven 501(c)(3) and we give away our content for free. We appreciate your support and if it makes you happy, you can help us surpass last year’s record to end this webathon in style. Doubling your (tax-deductible!) dollars

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