The “Stench” of Justice Sotomayor’s Putrid Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Today, I was visiting Washington, D.C., to attend a meeting at Capitol Hill. Following the briefing, i walked to the Supreme Court. To my surprise, there was no “stench,” emanating from One First Street. At least one Justice is going to do her best to make sure that the “stench”, as it was called, is visible. She will then share her sympathies with her fellow partisans. In the midst of arguments DobbsJustice Sotomayor spoke a self-fulfilling, ludicrous prophecy.

This will create a perception in the public that the Constitution is merely political. Will the institution be able to withstand it?

These questions will help to bolster her negative public image, which she clearly dreads. It is likely that Sotomayor knew that this livestream would spread the line virally. Allies already merchandize.

As we speak Justice Sotomayor may be writing an explosive dissent in which she criticizes her coworkers. Do you think she calls on Congress for “healing” the Court

Justice Sotomayor shouldn’t be so concerned about Court’s politicization that she calls her co-partisans partisan.