University Administrators on the Rittenhouse Verdict

Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic has an excellent article about this. Here’s an excerpt.

Instead of encouraging independent scrutiny, many campus administrators have released statements that presume answers to heated questions. These statements also assert opinions on the case’s not-guilty verdict and its significance, as though these were matters for community consensus.

This episode illustrates a larger problem within academia: Academic administrators make selective ideological efforts to comfort upset students and faculty members. These actions create orthodoxies that undermine both intellectual diversity as well as inclusion. “Certainly,” declared a statement by Dwight A. McBride, president of the New School, “the verdict raises questions about … vigilantism in the service of racism and white supremacy.” However, observers often aren’t so sure. Certain that, when 12 jurors concluded that a white man shot three other white men in self-defense, they were saying anything about white supremacy.