SCOTUS Does Not Decide S.B. 8 Cases

Nearly 3,000 were waiting on SCOTUSblog this morning for the S.B. 8 cases. Rick Roll’ed was our alternative.

The majority opinion in Mississippi against Tennessee was written by Chief Justice Roberts. This SEC match concerns aquifers. The Chief informs us that there are layers of clay, clay, silt and sand below the earth’s surface.

Texas’ chances of winning an abortion case are generally better if they have it for a longer time. It could have granted an interim relief order, which would be followed by a longer opinion. Three weeks remain before the S.B. 8 Argument without silence.

It seems highly unlikely that a decision will be made before Thanksgiving. On Monday, November 29, the Court may issue a second decision. Be aware that DobbsArguments will be held on Wednesday December 1. Mississippi is still reeling from its defeat on the aquifers and will attempt to defend its abortion laws. It will be a victory for Mississippi. Dobbsthe amount of the lost case in the first jurisdiction.