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What Makes a Leader?

What Makes a Leader?

Owning your own company is simple enough, as far as people think. It’s not that hard to start up your own business, but what makes you a good leader of your company, or business? Do you know what makes a good leader? Do you have what it takes to be a good leader? Jonathan Osler thinks that this is something very important, that all business owners, leaders, should know. There are 5 main qualities that make a good leader. I have found that these are the most effective.

  • Good leaders focus on helping to develop others.
  • Good leaders are actually self aware, and think that personal development is a priority.
  • Good leaders encourage others to think strategically, innovatively, and to take action.
  • Good leaders strive to use cross cultural communication effectively.
  • Good leaders are ethical and very open minded.

Let’s take a deep looker into each of these 5 main qualities of a good leader though.

Why would a good leader need to focus on helping others to develop? Why wouldn’t they? You know how the saying goes, you’re only as good as the people you’re around, or the team that you have with you. The same goes for this as well. In order to be a good leader, you need to help develop, or build up, your other team members. Not only does this make you a good leader, but it also makes your business, or company, look better, and do better. It’s really a major win, win situation here. Can’t go wrong.

To be a good leader you definitely need to be self aware and be sure to make your own personal development a priority. While helping others to develop, and building them up, is a great and amazing thing to do, you need to be able to have yourself in check. Work on yourself, so that you can grow, and do better. In order to be a good leader who helps others, and leads this company, you need to have yourself all lined out and sorted.

Encouraging your team members to think strategically, innovatively, and to take action is an amazing thing to do. It’s what’s needed from a good leader. You need to be able to create that spark, and breathe life, so to speak, into your team members. You want your business, or company, to do well, to grow. This is how it’s done.

I’m going to tie in the last 2 together, because they kind of go together. Good leaders need to be able to communicate cross-culturally effectively, be ethical, and open minded. This is so important for good leaders when it comes to making business deals, and expanding your business. You have to have these skills, or your company will fall flat on its face.
I’m sure you can see why these are the 5 main qualities for a good leader to have, and why a good leader needs to have them. Jonathan Osler thinks that they’re important for everyone to know.