President Trump Announces Rally In Michigan on October 12th (Tuesday) on the Capital Steps

Today, President Trump declared that he would be visiting Michigan next week to call for a forensic review of the state.

On Friday, October 8th, 2021, President Trump issued a statement that stated:

Big Michigan Rally will be held on October 12th at the Capitol Steps in Lansing. Patriots will call for a Forensic Audition of the 2020 Presidential Election Scam. It is impossible to believe that voter fraud exists. Anyone who cares about our Great Country should attend, because unless we look to the past and fix what happened, we won’t have a future or a Country. Matt DePerno, Rep. Steve Carra and Kristina Kamo, whom I have supported, will also be attending. Let’s Go, Michigan, don’t let us down!

Michigan’s election night was a thief, we knew that.  Trump led by thousands and was then beaten by his opponent by the early hours of morning.

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These numbers did not add up.

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TGP got video from a van that pulled up underneath the Detroit Center to drop off hundreds of thousands of votes.  Republican observers were barred from the area where the counting occurred and the FBI was prevented by AG Bill Barr.  It was a communist takeover and our justice system didn’t care.  They were part the coup.

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President Trump was extremely popular and Biden wasn’t.  This was because of President Trump’s results with the economy and foreign affairs which totally outshined the Obama/Biden Administrations.

Let’s hope the people of Michigan come out in the thousands to support President Trump and the fight for free elections forever.