Husband of Indiana Woman Offering Pole Dancing Classes for 7-Year-Old Kids is a REGISTERED CHILD SEX OFFENDER, According to Reports

A business in Indiana offers pole dancing lessons to children starting at seven years old.

According to recent reports Maxwell Garrett Huebner is the registered child sex ofender and husband of Tiffany Huebner.

4W – Feminist News reports that “according to a private criminal record search conducted by TruthFinder, Maxwell Garrett Huebner was charged on March 11, 2009 of sexual misconduct with a minor. According to the report, Huebner was convicted of an offense under Indiana Code 35-42-4-9 – a sexual offense against a minor less than 16 years of age, but at least 14 years of age. Huebner would have been approximately 21 years old when the offense was committed.”

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Post Millennial reported that they were able independently to verify the arrest record using InstantCheckmate.

Huebner deleted her new dance studio’s Facebook page as the Gateway Pundit’s article on the classes went viral on Friday. As a result of reports about her husband’s previous arrest, she also deleted all his Facebook pages.

A disturbing flyer for the classes features a likeness of Disney’s Rapunzel hanging upside down on a pole in what appears to be lingerie.

Tiffany has not deleted her own personal Facebook account, which features photos and videos of what appears to be her young stepdaughter using a pole — in one case alongside herself in a revealing bikini.

In a Facebook post prior to deleting the business page, Huebner wrote “thank you to those who have shown your support for my Kids Pole Classes! I know that it’s going to take time for everyone to drop the stigma of “it’s a stripper pole” & understand that pole is an international sport now. I have patience & hope for our future generations of pole olympians & want to share an example with the public of what an international pole sport competition for kids looks like.”

To defend her decision, the post contained a clip of a nine-year-old boy pole dancing.

“It is an excellent combination of dance & gymnastics 💕 Teenagers & adults can be taught is this same style in my pole sport classes…& we also have flirty flow for adults who want* to learn a sensual style of pole, but the 2 styles are kept separate & age appropriate,” the post continued.

In another post screenshotted by The Gateway Pundit, the instructor also invited people to “stop by” and “check it out” — referring to the children’s pole dancing class.

A now-deleted post from Tiff’s Pole Fitness also said that they have deleted posts “because the shares and views have extended far beyond our community & area. I didn’t anticipate that it would begin to go viral & I want to protect the privacy of my students & our small community.”