Biden Puppets Erase an American Maxim

Lee Cary guest post with Canada Free Press permission

Joe Biden and Floyd Austin. Antony Blinken. General Mark Milley.

People and nations are governed by these maxims.

Maxims refer to general truths and fundamental principles as well as rules of conduct. This word is known for more than 700 years.
Recently, an American maxim was lost. “No one left behind.”

It was not true in a literal sense. Certain combatants will always be left behind by wars.

TRENDINGUniversity of Colorado Hospital System Rejects Woman’s Life Saving Kidney Transplant. It Will Not Provide Organ Transplants To Unvaccinated Patients

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier testifies that the remains of not all KIA’s are identified.

“No one left behind:” Sometimes circumstances require that only the memory is not left behind

The names of all those who were killed in World War II are kept at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific’s Courts of the Missing (also known as Punchbowl Cemetery).

The name of an American man from Utah is engraved in marble. He was the pilot of the last crew aircraft to be destroyed in the war against Japan. Kalamidy Kat was a PBY-5A rescue aircraft of the US Army Airforce. It crashed into Tokyo Bay on the same day that Japan surrendered.

The Engineer was the only survivor of all seven passengers. Two weeks were spent in the notorious Japanese POW camp Ofuna before he was repatriated to Texas.

There is no more patriotic college in America than Texas A & M University. Adjacent to the campus is a hall dedicated to the memory of those who left A & M, and later died in one of America’s wars.

Unknown was the young Army officer who died in the last attack on Nazi Germany. The remains of his body were not found.
In the decades that followed, a German citizen noticed his large-sized gold class ring. He thoughtfully gave it back to an American family member. The relative donated it to A & M. Today the ring is encased there, along with a picture of the Aggie who once wore it.

Sometimes the circumstances are so complex that it is impossible to forget.

An American prisoner of war in Vietnam who escaped was later debriefed at an East Coast military base. He knew about other prisoner who had never returned home, but who are still missing.

They each testified before Congress and claimed zero liability for their mistakes
Two US Army soldiers from a Province Headquarters in the Mekong delta followed a trail to find a U.S. Soldier being held captive by the VC. They found nothing but a stake in ground and a rope wrapped around it. There was also a blood trail.

True, the remains of military personnel who have disappeared are sometimes left behind due to unavoidable circumstances.

Over time, this maxim, “No one left behind,” was expanded to include American citizens held captive by hostile nations.

You’re familiar with their stories, including the young man that was held captive in North Korea, and finally returned home in a semi-comatose state where he died.

Recent events surrounding the American surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban now require that the maxim, “No one left behind,” be retired. Deceased. It is now defunct.

American civilians in Afghanistan were abandoned by the United States Government.

That is an undisputed fact. No one knows for sure how many have been abandoned.

Recently, the maxim was laid to rest when the current Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Secretary of State absolved themselves of any responsibility in destroying “No one left behind”. It has been declared dead. Hypocritically, it would not be used in the future.

Biden’s senior officials acknowledged that three of them had left Americans in Afghanistan knowingly, and with their consent. They were politely called vacuous in their explanations. It would have been inappropriate to use more descriptive language.

Each of them testified in front Congress that they took no responsibility for any failures.

They not only destroyed an American maxim but also revealed themselves to be men without shame and lacking honor.

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