Average Family is Spending $175 More per Month on Basic Essentials Today


You aren’t the only one who has noticed a sudden increase in prices for all kinds of goods, from household products to food to gasoline to household items.

An average family spends $175 per month more on essentials than last year.

Here’s the Biden effect at work.

The New York Post published this report:

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Like millions of Americans whose income has not kept pace with inflation — up 5.3 percent in August compared with a year ago — Allison and her family are feeling the pinch of the rising cost of living and giving up some things just to make ends meet…

… Spurred by supply shortages and massive government spending, inflation has become an added tax on middle-class Americans coming out of the COVID lockdowns.

For households earning the US median annual income of about $70,000, the current inflation rate has forced them to spend another $175 a month on food, fuel and housing, according to Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics.

Even with this inflation spike, Democrats still want to keep their extravagant spending.