American Airlines Says Workers Must Be Fully Vaxxed by Nov. 24

American Airlines advised workers that they had to be completely vaccinated against Covid before November 24, or risk losing their jobs.

According to the pilot union at American, 30%  – or 4,200 – of  airline’s pilots are still not vaccinated for Covid.

Bloomberg reported:

American Airlines Group has sent a memo to its employees stating that termination will be possible if you fail to follow the instructions.

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  • All U.S-based workers and some international flight crew members are subject to the federal mandate.

  • Regular testing is not covered by any other provision.

  • Workers can ask for religious or medical exemptions

  • “Majority” of employees already are vaccinated, co. says, without providing specifics

United Airlines (JetBlue), Alaska Airlines (American Airlines) now require that all their employees are fully vaxxed. Or they face dismissal.

Delta is still reviewing Joe Biden’s Covid mandate that requires weekly testing or proof of vaccination.