“We Need To Recall The Electors In Arizona. They Need to Be Decertified”

Eric Greitens was the former governor of Missouri and made a visit to Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday. He was visiting Arizona State Legislators as he headed to Mexico.

Governor Greitens will be running for the U.S. Senate in 2022. He is currently monitoring the situation at the border, and developing a plan to resolve it.

Greitens met Arizona legislators to find out more about Arizona’s audit situation, and discussed the next steps towards fixing elections.

The last time he was in Arizona, Governor Greitens toured the Arizona audit floor and he told TGP, “they’re showing the country the way to do a proper audit.”

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It was found that many of the ballots cast during 2020 were fraudulent and likely fake. All of the findings have been submitted to Arizona Attorney-General Mark Brnovich. 

Jordan Conradson, Gateway Pundit’s correspondent, spoke with Eric Greitens (Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers) at the Arizona Capitol.

Conradson The last time you were here you said “no ballots, no victory.” It seems that they found those ballots, but they seem to be fake. The mainstream media is running with “Biden won, the ballots are there.” But what do you think of the Arizona audit results, do fake ballots equal victory?

Greitens: Here’s what patriots know, is that thanks to the patriotism and the courage of State Senator Wendy Rogers, thanks to the patriotism and courage of State Senator Sonny Borrelli, and their colleagues who fought to get this audit done. The truth is now known. According to the left, Joe Biden was elected by 10,000 votes. Here in Maricopa County, it’s only one county in the state of Arizona, they found over 50,000, illegal ballots. These are illegal ballots and it’s very clear what needs to happen, and that is that we need to recall the electors in Arizona. These ballots must be removed from the electoral rolls. What is the reason? This was because of the fraud and irregular ballots that were used in this election. Again, thanks to Senator Rogers we know the truth.

ConradsonJust now, you met with Boris Epstheyn (State Senator Rogers), and Mark Finchem (State Representative Mark Finchem). How did you all talk?

Greitens:Last time I was in this country, I saw the extraordinary work of these patriots, and I wanted to know the truth about what took place during the 2020 elections. It was an extraordinary audit. I think it was the most thorough, transparent, detailed, clear and transparent in American history. Now we’re here talking in detail about what they found, and also perhaps most importantly about next steps. Rogers continues to be the leader in state. she’s got a letter that’s being signed by State Reps and State Senators around the country. And I’ll tell you this, we need to have every state Rep. and Senator not just in Missouri, but around the country who believes in election integrity, go out and show that you’re serious, go out and show that you support President Trump, go out and show that you support the America First movement to get to the bottom of our elections, by going out and signing Senator Rogers’ letter. That’s what needs to happen. We’re talking next steps now.

Conradson Senator Rogers, what’s it gonna take to decertify this election?

RogersAll parties must be involved. We’re making progress every day. Like Governor Greitens stated, my phone has been exploded now with state senators, state representatives, and so many others who are interested in joining the fray, or who just want to be on the right side.They are aware that this snowball will soon fall. They know what we’ve shown here in the Arizona audit, and more is going to come out, I’m sure with Attorney General Brnovich’s findings, possibly of criminal misconduct. This is it, no matter what the truth may be. The truth is out there. Your media, The Gateway Pundit and all the other conservative sources of truth investigative information are more important than Fox News’ followership. The truth is knocking at the door every day, and so it’s our job to stay at the forefront and get the truth out.

Greitens: And I think just to add to that, one of the fantastic things that’s happening is because the Gateway Pundit is covering this story. Because true conservatives and Patriots are covering this story, and because we’ve had leaders who’ve been willing to get the facts out no matter what the mainstream media tries.No matter the propaganda of the regime, no matter the efforts by the left to conceal the truth, truths are getting out. More Americans today demand that elected officials stand up and ensure election integrity. Keep fighting the good fight!

ConradsonWhat can we do to call the Arizona legislature into special session in order for it not to be decertified?

Rogers Keep the pressure up. Every effort is made to keep calling for special sessions. I’ve called for special sessions. And so again, it’s keeping the pressure on, keeping it in the news, and making it something that’s incontrovertible you have to do it.

Greitens: And we also need to recognize, the problem isn’t just from the left who is often, and their mainstream media allies, who so often lie. The problem can also come when you have weak, woke Republicans who aren’t willing to do what their constituents want, which is simply to get to the bottom of the truth, to really find out what happened. That’s all people are asking for is that we do a full audit, and make sure that we get to the bottom, not just here in Arizona, but we need to follow the lead of what’s happened in Maricopa County, and this needs to get done in Michigan, in Georgia, in Wisconsin, in Pennsylvania, it needs to happen in Missouri. These audits are necessary in all 50 states to restore electoral integrity.

Conradson Governor Greitens, you’re going to go see another horrific result of this fraudulent election down at the southern border. You’re gonna go witness them crossing the Rio Grande* River, firsthand. How will you secure Missouri’s southern border?

Greitens:Last time I was in Arizona I visited the front lines for the audit in Maricopa County. This year, I also went outside in Arizona to assist with wall enforcement and witnessed the result with my own eyes. It is disgusting how the Biden administration turned over our border to Mexican drug gangs, cartels. This is completely disgusting. What we need to do is we need to return to President Trump’s policies of having strong, America first leadership, with a secure border. The policies of supporting law enforcement men and women on the front lines must be reinstated. That’s what we need to do, return to President Trump’s policies so that we can avert this incredible disaster that Joe Biden has created over 200,000 people a month are crossing illegally into our country.

Governor Greitens has made it a priority to fight for electoral integrity and border security. Because we’ve already lost our country, fixing 2020 is his top priority.

It is important to make sure that the weak and woke RINOs, who prevent free and fair elections, are held accountable.

Here, you can support Governor Greitens as U.S. Senate and sign your name in order to help protect Arizona’s election audit.

A special session will be needed in Arizona to repeal the Arizona Presidential election.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey was terrified by the results. He has also spoken out against decertification. A special session requires 2/3 support from both the Senate and House to approve.

Call your Arizona legislators to request their support for a special session in order to invalidate this election.

For criminal investigation, contact Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich

Contact AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich

Reach out to your Arizona legislators, and request their votes for special sessions and the decertifying of this fraud election.

Here’s where you can find your legislator.