Two Women Die From Adverse Reactions After Receiving Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Shot

A woman from King County, Washington, who was in her late 30’s, has died from a rare blood-clotting syndrome after receiving Johnson & Johnson vaccine on September 7, according to a statement by Public Health – Seattle & King County.

Unidentified woman received the vaccine on August 26, 2021. She died of thrombocytopenia (TTS) on September 7, after 11 days.

The CDC confirmed that the victim had died of the vaccine, and also verified the diagnosis.

Washington State Department of Health issued a statement about the death of the woman.

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“Sadly, this is the first such death in Washington State. Her family and friends are our sincere condolences. Losing a loved one at any time is a tragic and difficult and pain that’s become all too familiar in the last year and a half of this pandemic.” says Umair A. Shah, MD, MPH, Secretary of Health.

A 20-year-old woman in Slovenia suffered the same fate and died two weeks after taking the J&J shot.

Aljazeera has more information:

Slovenia has suspended vaccinations with the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus jab while it probes the death of a 20-year-old woman, as thousands gathered to protest against vaccination in the small European Union nation.

The suspension will be in place until experts examine whether there is a link between the woman’s death from a stroke and the vaccine she received two weeks earlier, Health Minister Janez Poklukar said on Wednesday.

Despite the risk of the vaccine, one-shot Johnson & Johnson had submitted an application to the F.D.A for emergency use authorization of a booster shot in people aged 18 and older and is planning to submit data to WHO and to other health agencies.

J&J said that the booster shot will increase effectiveness to 94%, given about two months after the first shot. If approve, J&J will be no longer a one-shot vaccine.

The Biden administration previously called on states to ‘pause’ the J&J vaccine after reports of blood clots in women aged 18-48–including one fatality–out of about seven million administered vaccines.